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This latex bodysuit is proof that fashion has gone too far

Look, we’re going to be completely honest here and admit our eyes are actually watering just looking at this latest take on the new ‘high-waisted-everything’ craze that has swept the fashion world.

The one-piece, made to look like leather, is called the Here for Fun Bodysuit and is being sold by online retailer Fashion Nova.

The $35 bodysuit is available in black or red, but after it was shared to the brand’s Instagram, shoppers slammed the outfit for being nothing but a “painful vagina wedgie”.

“We like it Red Hot” the brand captioned the image shared on Instagram.

But it’s clear most people would prefer something with more coverage, labelling the bodysuit a “vagina wedgie”.

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“My lips won’t fit in this and I’m damn sure not going to force them,” one woman wrote.

“My vagina hurts just looking at this,” another said.

“Ummm what the?? This doesn’t look normal,” was another response.

ome called for the brand’s designers to be “fired”, given that is isn’t the first time the brand has raised eyebrows with it’s risquédesigns.

“I wanna know who came up with this and I want them fired,” was one response.

Yes fashion has certainly taken a turn for the strange recently, with more and more items popping up online leaving shoppers – and us – scratching their heads.

This rather interesting contraption being sold in the lingerie section of The Iconic fashion website has also raised some eyebrows.

The Coquetry Teddy is currently on sale for $40, down from $99, and if you wear it as displayed on the model, you definitely need to be careful with your choice of bra.

The website does clarify that the pieces “can be worn either on their own or attached to the collar and cuffs”, meaning you don’t have to show that much skin if you don’t want to.

Still, we do wonder sometimes how people come up with these things!