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Kylie Jenner shuts down people questioning her parenting choices on Instagram

New mom Kylie Jenner may be young, but she’s trying to make the best choices for her daughter with rapper Travis Scott, as she made crystal clear to people leaving nasty comments on her most recent post on Instagram.

In the lovely image, a freckle-faced Jenner appears to be relaxing. You can see just a sliver of her daughter’s face and hair.

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Sweet photo of a first-time mom enjoying a little quiet time with her baby, seems harmless enough, right? Well, some commenters wanted to see more of little Stormi, and felt Jenner didn’t include her in the image out of vanity.

There were repeated comments along the lines of “she cut her baby out of the picture,” implying Jenner wanted the focus to be on her, not her daughter.

Jenner was not having it.

As the always-on-it account Comments by Celebs points out, Jenner made a rare appearance in the comments of one of her posts, explaining why she cut Stormi out of the picture.

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She admitted to cropping the image and said simply, “I’m not sharing photos of my girl right now.”

And it’s hard to blame her. After giving birth, the beauty mogul was the subject of a conspiracy theory speculating that her former bodyguard, Tim Chung, might be the baby’s biological father. The rumors stem from some opinions that Stormi does not physically resemble her actual father, rapper Travis Scott.

She addressed that controversy with one simple photo, captioned “Stormi’s parents.” The image showed her posing with her boyfriend, Scott, on the red carpet at the Met Gala.


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