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Kim Kardashian debuts sixth toe in bizarre photoshop fail

Photoshop is a tricky beast, and even the most polished and preened Instagram users fall afoul of it from time to time.

The latest victim of an embarassing fail is none other than the queen of Instagram herself, Kim Kardashian.

This time the reality star hasn’t been busted shaving a few inches off her tiny waist, or elongating a digit, but rather adding a new one to the collection.

A recent promotional shot for her perfume collaboration with Kylie Jenner left fans a little confused when they had a closer look at her feet.

No it wasn’t the fact she seemed to be wearing flats, its that she appeared to have an extra toe.

That is, six toes altogether.


A closer looks confirms that there are in fact 6 toes where Kim usually only has five. Photo: Instagram/kimkardashian

A close inspection of the snap shows the star’s formerly five-toed foot has either suddenly evolved or been on the receiving end of a pretty cringe-worthy fail.

Fans smell a rat

The matter was picked up by fans almost immediately, many of whom couldn’t help but ask after the digital addition.

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Perez Hilton spotted the fail quicker than a celebrity marriage on the rocks.

“That sixth toe is iconic,” the official site’s page commented.

Eagle-eyed fans however, were already on the case.

The star’s Instagram comments were flooded with fans toe-based observations. Photo: Instagram/kimkardashian

“6 toes?” one wrote.

“6 toes tho?” another parroted.

Kim and her six toes weren’t the only subject of scrutiny however, little sister Kylie showed off a very shapely forearm that at least one fan couldn’t help but point out was bent at a very odd angle.

Kylie Jenner’s arm also raised eyebrows, and probably a warp button somewhere. Photo: Instagram/kimkardashian

“Y’all messed up Kylie’s right arm tryna photo shop.. yikes,” one fan wrote, and at closer inspection they definitely have a point.

The sisters are no strangers to finding themselves on the wrong side of the photoshop scale, but an extra toe marks a whole new level.

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