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Justin Bieber goes Insta-crazy posting 24 pics in an hour – including one of him ‘attacking a fan’

Over 20 pictures were uploaded to Justin Bieber’s social media accounts within minutes of each other.

JUSTIN Bieber has gone on a bizarre Instagram frenzy and uploaded over 20 seemingly unconnected pictures – including ones where he’s picking a friend’s nose and in another, urinating into the ocean.

He shared a screenshot of a TMZ report from June 2016 when the singer, 23, got caught up in a street brawl following a football match in Cleveland, USA.

One of Justin’s uploads included a screengrab of a TMZ story when he got caught in a street brawl

At the time it was reported that the brawl started out after fans were requesting selfies with the popstar.

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Justin also uploaded an upside-down topless picture of himself in bed amid several candid snaps of his exotic travel adventures.

The posts led to a flurry of obsessed fans commenting, with one writing: “You are crazy but I love you.”

Justin uploaded 23 pictures to Instagram within an hour, one of which was a mock-up image of his head edited on to singer Halsey’s body.

Justin Bieber has posted a picture of his head edited on to singer Halsey’s body

The bizarre uploads including a topless bed picture

Justin also shared candid pics of himself alongside paparazzi shots

One particularly bizarre upload is of Justin urinating into the ocean while another saw him stick his finger up a friend’s nose.

Justin is yet to comment on the uploads and it’s unsure of his account was hacked or if these are intentional.

Justin uploaded a picture that seems to show him urinating into the ocean

Justin lent his friend a helping hand and picked his nose

Earlier in the week the pop heartthrob took to Instagram to show that his eye was infected with conjunctivitis.

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He even posted FIVE pictures of his pink eye, to make sure his fans got a good look.

The first picture just looked like a regular selfie with the caption “My left eye has conjunctivitis”.

His loyal army of fans immediately sent him “get well” wishes, as he continued to post pictures of his sore eye.


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