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Jordan Craig: 10 Hottest Photos On The Internet

With all this talk about Tristan Thompson putting a baby in Khloe Kardashian, we are here to remind you that Thompson already has himself a baby mama: Instagram model Jordan Craig. Craig is the mother of Tristan’s son,  Prince Thompson.

According to CollegeCandy, Thompson and Craig were together before Thompson allegedly cheated on Craig with Khloe Kardashian ($mart man). Kardashian and Thompson made their relationship public in September 2016. The next month, Craig held a baby shower, an event that included her cousin Eniko Hart, the wife of comedian Kevin Hart. CollegeCandy reports that prior to the pregnancy and the subsequent breakup, Craig frequently posted pics of herself at Cleveland Cavaliers games on Instagram.

While we neither know nor care if Khloe Kardashian is actually pregnant, we do know that Jordan Craig is pretty hot in her own right.


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