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Join the Counterculture with These 6 Apparel Brands

There’s currently a strong counterculture taking place across the world. A counterculture is a set of values or beliefs that go against the current culture’s norms (think the hippie movement). All over people are becoming more conscious of their choices and the causes they want to support. However, sometimes they are unsure of how to best join the counterculture. If you’re looking for an easy way to get started, buying some apparel that supports your values or causes is a great place to start. Here are 5 apparel brands you can explore that offer products that go against the current culture.

#1 – The Cupcake Factory

First up we have The Cupcake Factory. This apparel brand is based out of Los Angeles and specializes in products you won’t see in mainstream stores. Specifically, this is a brand you should explore if you want to display your enjoyment of weed or promote the weed culture. Weed is becoming more accepted around the country, but it is still very much not in the culture. With some apparel from The Cupcake Factory you can join this part of the counterculture and start destigmatizing the negative associations that come with smoking weed.

#2 – Able

ABLE is a great clothing brand to consider if you’re interested in shopping from a brand that really cares about its ethics. Many mainstream brands don’t have the best business practices. They create their clothing in sweatshops, don’t hire a diverse group of people, and don’t pay their employees enough. ABLE publishes their wages, works to empower women, and is completely transparent about the production process.

On the ABLE website you’ll find plenty of trendy and minimalist clothing options, but they are perhaps more well known for their jewelry and handbags. Whatever you end up purchasing, you’ll be able to rest easy knowing you supported a company that has a strong moral compass.

#3 – Frank and Oak

The great thing about Frank and Oak is that while you can shop their apparel online like you would with other brands, you can also sign up for a subscription box. With this service you’ll have handpicked clothing delivered to your door each month for one low cost. All of the items within the box are ethically sourced and supports their sustainable initiatives. If you want to start dressing in a more minimalist style while still keeping up with the latest trends, get some surprise items in your mail each month, and support important causes, Frank and Oak is a great place to start.

#4 – All Riot

All Riot is a progressive apparel company that is all about changing the status quo. They are involved in a number of different causes, from being pro-choice to protecting the environment. Many of their clothing items seek to send a message, so if you want to get some conversations started about your favorite causes, this is a good place to shop. The products are all of a high quality and come in a number of different styles. All Riot isn’t the place to shop if you’re just looking to blend into the crowd – rather, it’s a place for apparel that will get noticed and get people thinking.

#5 – Reformation

For on-trend pieces that support a sustainable lifestyle, look at Reformation. Reformation provides fair wages to all their employees and creates their products from sustainable and upcycled materials. You can even see how each item you buy specifically impacts the environment around you. Reformation also purchases carbon offsets, in yet another attempt to help out the environment. In a culture where not enough people think about the impacts their buying choices has on the environment, you can shop at a brand like Reformation that puts a lot of consideration into the topic.

#6 – Black Lives Matter

Finally, we have what is perhaps the biggest counterculture movement currently taking place. The Black Lives Matter movement is all about securing racial justice across the country. There are a number of ways you can support this cause, but one of them is buying apparel from their site directly. Each item you buy not only promotes the cause, but it helps to fund their various initiatives. You can check out their selection of items here.

Join the Counterculture

Joining the counterculture doesn’t mean you need to sell your home and start living in a tent. Changing your buying habits to support more sustainable businesses in the counterculture is a great place to start. Explore the brands on this list and you’re sure to feel better about your purchasing decisions.


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