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Jewelry Care: 5 Tips to Take Care of Your Jewelry

Our jewelry is often some of our most valuable possessions. And to ensure that these precious items stay beautiful and last, it’s important to regularly take care of our jewelry.

Jewelry care is essential to maintaining the quality of the pieces we own, but what exactly is jewelry care? And what can you do to best care for your beloved items? Keep reading to learn our 5 tips on taking care of your jewelry.

  1. Store Your Jewelry Carefully

One of the easiest ways to damage jewelry is to not store it properly. If our jewelry is not stored the right way it is at risk of getting tangled, scratch, and broken. Instead of throwing your jewelry into a drawer, opt for a nice jewelry box that has individual places to store each piece.

If you own a lot of silver jewelry, you should store it in an anti-tarnish cloth to keep it cleaner longer. If you are concerned about metal tarnishing, you can help to prevent this by storing your jewelry in airtight zip lock bags before placing them in your jewelry box.

  1. Carefully Clean

Cleaning your jewelry is a large part of proper jewelry care. However, if you use the wrong products to clean you are at risk of actually causing more harm than good.

Do some research on what type of cleaning solution is best for your specific jewels. For more tips on cleaning check out this Simple Shine article.

  1. Beware of Heat and Sunlight

We all know that excess heat and sunlight can cause damage to our skin, but what about our jewelry? Too much sunlight exposure can actually cause certain gemstones to lose color or cause discoloration.

And prolonged sun exposure can also cause certain stones to dry out or crack over time. Because prevention is a large part of jewelry care, you should be sure to store your items away from the sunlight, in a cool dark place.

  1. Know When and When Not to Wear

One of the easiest ways to damage your jewelry is to wear it during improper times. You should avoid wearing your jewelry when doing dishes, or using any sort of cleaning chemicals. You should also avoid wearing jewelry when working out, as your sweat can cause damage.

Wearing your jewelry while sleeping is also something to be avoided. It’s also best to avoid wearing your jewelry if you are going for a swim or taking a shower. All of these common mistakes can shorten the life and quality of your jewelry.

  1. Put Your Jewelry on Last

When getting ready to go to work, out to dinner, or even just to be at home, you should wait to put your jewelry on last. If you put your jewelry on before getting dressed, you run the risk of snagging it on your clothing which can bend or even break certain pieces.

You should also wait to put on your jewelry until after you used all products such as perfume or hairspray, as these chemicals can cause damage.

Maintaining Proper Jewelry Care

As mentioned above, the first step in proper jewelry care is prevention. By following these five tips, you will avoid the common mistakes that many of us make that end up damaging our favorite pieces of jewelry.

Proper jewelry care helps to prolong the lifespan of your jewelry so that you can enjoy it for years to come. For more articles like this, check back on our website!


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