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How Ryan Phillippe Is Dealing with His Teen Daughter Ava’s Newfound Instagram Fame

Ava Phillippe may have two famous parents, but she’s becoming a star in her own right thanks to social media.

Speaking with PEOPLE, proud dad Ryan opens up about how he handles his daughter’s Instagram fame and how he feels about her having 228,000 followers. 

“Well, she has an incredibly famous mother and a moderately famous father, but that’s how that works,” he says. “And also social media is largely driven by the youth and the associations made within that group. She’s incredibly talented.”

Aside from Ava, the 42-year-old also shares son Deacon, 13, with ex-wife Reese Witherspoon and has a 5-year-old daughter, Kailani, with former girlfriend Alexis Knapp.

“The danger would be if you had a kid who didn’t have perspective and didn’t have an understanding of it,” Ryan adds. “I don’t feel like our kids are as caught up in the value that some might place on those things. It’s a byproduct of the life that they’ve been born into.”

The actor, who is starring new hit show Shooter on USA, does see the positive side of using social media.

“Something I do like about social media is you can kind of share some facets of yourself, your personality or your art in a more intimate way so people have a better picture of who you are,” he admits. “We all as parents face so many challenges especially with technology and all of these other things today, but the constant common denominator has been and always will be, is to stay connected and stay involved and stay aware of what they’re doing and make sure that they have an open place to talk and ask any questions and then you’re caught less off guard by certain things.”