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Here Are The Basic Nitty-Gritties Of Eye Makeup That Everyone Must Learn!

If at the age of 24 I can pull of a moderately decent smoky look with smouldered edges and a shady eyeliner (with lots of erasing, rubbing, and hours of staring at the mirror for perfection) then its all due to Samantha and Nicola Chapman! Or rather, the pixiwoo sisters who filmed endless YouTube videos and taught me everything that I know today. From a decent liner, to applying false lashes, to foundation to just about everything!

The sisters who created affordable brushes for aam aurat like us, have also done a phenomenal work in teaching.


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The only muddle that I faced while learning all this, is – I didn’t know what my water line was (let alone upper or lower). I didn’t know where my crease was or what constituted my lid. So after closely watching many videos and with many trial and error moments, I learnt what was what!

But for those of you who are starting just yet – I feel ya, sista!!

So here’s a pictorial representation of which is what and which is where!



Are we clear?

A quick go-through before I close this post!

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Brow Bone

Add shimmer or matt shades directly under your brow bone to accentuate and highlight your brows. One thing you need to remember is to blend!


Now this lid business has troubled me a lot! Just so you know, the main and typically the base shade of your eye shadow goes all over your lid! If you have big eyes like mine, you can go big with eyeliner. Else, you will have to make-do


Uff! This crease was the most problematic part. Reason? I have hooded eyes and I discovered it the hard way that makeup differs from person to person! Essentially what you need to do is – apply a darker eyeshade between your brow bone and lid. And if you have hooded eyes, then play with lots of dimensional shades.


Outer V

Now this is the best part! Conquer the Outer V and you will be the mistress of smoky! My policy with the Outer V is – go big or go home!

Psst.. Use tape or post-it notes to make it less messy!

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Upper and Lower Lash line

These are places where you apply truck loads of mascara and if you are an Indian, you could experiment with loads of kajal!

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This word had become the bane of my existence until I googled it. And when I found out what waterline meant, I laughed! It is nothing but the rim of your eye where you apply kajal on a daily basis!


I hate tears Pushpa! Rajesh Khanna would be disappointed if you’d cry. So highlight the area and make your eyes look big!

So with this, we would like to close the post!

Hope this helps!

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