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What to Wear in Bed to Sleep Well

What do you wear to bed every night? Many people wear the usual pajamas, an old t-shirt, or even sleep naked. Yet what you wear to bed affects the quality of sleep and your overall well-being. Therefore, you should choose the right things to ensure you sleep well and not suffer from the effects of poor sleep. Also, when you have invested in good Serta mattress reviews, quality beddings, and much more. Why not choose proper wear for proper sleep. Choosing the right clothes shows that you are on the right path towards having good sleep. In this article are some of the pieces that you should wear to bed if you hope to sleep better.

The birthday suit 

Research shows that sleeping in the nude is good for your health. One of the main reasons is that it gives you a free range of motion, and also it helps to lower your overall body temperature, and hence you can sleep comfortably. When sleeping at an ideal body temperature, there are many benefits to it. Choose a temperature of around 65 degrees Fahrenheit, as it helps your body thermoregulate where it becomes easy for you to enter into a state of deep sleep that helps you rejuvenate for the next day.

Clean clothes 

When you want to be comfortable in your sleep, ensure the clothes that you wear, be it pajamas, a t-shirt, and shorts, they should be clean and not have a lot of sweat. This makes it pleasant to sleep in, and also you will prevent skin infections that can be caused by wearing dirty clothes, and you are, in most cases sweating a lot. Since the bodily oil will accumulate inside the clothes and may cause acne in places like your back, face, and shoulders. If you wear dirty clothes consistently, it can lead to severe skin conditions like dermatitis and also cause you not to have quality sleep. Hence, it is best to wash your clothes and wear something breathable. Better still, you can sleep nude, as discussed above.

Breathable pajamas  

If you are not a fan of sleeping naked. Choosing breathable pajamas is a great alternative. Plus, pick out those that allow plenty of range motion and fit loosely, and of course, wear clean ones. The benefit of a breathable pajama is it is best as you will not overheat, and you will get quality sleep as you will be comfortable. Opt for natural materials like fleece, cotton, linen, and silk, and it is best to consider the climate in your area and your natural body temperature. Once you consider all this, it translates into a cozy night sleep.

Eye and ear covers 

It is difficult to fall asleep where there are excessive noise and light. It makes you wake up feeling tired, as you were not able to sleep well. Hence it is wise to invest in earplugs and eye masks to eliminate these distractions and help you get better sleep. Choose a soft and breathable sleep mask that contours well to your face to keep unwanted light out, and choose those made from natural materials. If you sleep better and feel more relaxed in a weighted sleep mask, then you can opt for them as well. When you wear earplugs, they are the best to prevent you from waking up prematurely. To choose the best ones, go for those that are made either of silicone or foam. Opt for those suitable for you for a less intrusive slumber.

Lightweight socks 

If you are one of those people whose feet run cold at night. You may be getting trouble getting into a deep night’s sleep. Choose the right socks to reduce the time you spend to fall asleep, as they will keep you warm. However, avoid thick and insulating socks as they will be uncomfortable as they make your feet overheat, and they create additional moisture and sweat. Ensure that you change into new socks every time you go to bed, and your feet should be dry before you wear socks to prevent fungal infections. When you do this, you will have a positive impact on your sleep.


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