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hair loss
hair loss

Are toupees or wigs bad for your scalp?

Are you suffering from hair loss? If so, you might be considering buying a hair system such as toupees or human hair wigs.

But perhaps you’ve heard that wearing hair replacement systems can damage your scalp and in some cases, might even increase hair loss for whatever natural hair you have remaining. Naturally, you would want to steer clear if this is the case. But is this really the case?

hair loss
hair loss

Follow best wig practices 

No hair system is perfect. But as far as wigs for women are concerned, if yours hasn’t been installed correctly or it’s low quality, it’s always possible that it will start to itch and not feel comfortable. Sometimes, if installation is not done correctly or if you are too rough during the removal process, this can lead to irritation which can eventually damage your natural hair.

Additionally, you may find that it’s not the wig that is irritating you, but rather the bonding agent. This can be adhesives such as wig glue or wig tape. Perhaps the wrong kind of adhesive was used or you may be allergic to a certain glue or tape. If this is the case, it is best to look at alternative glues or tapes and perhaps, perform a patch test first.

That said, if you are following the best wig practices which includes installing, maintaining and removing the hair system correctly, there is next to no chance of your hair or scalp getting damaged, especially as wigs come with a full cap and are advised to be taken off every night.

Toupees can affect natural hair

Toupees, on the other hand, are a different case. This is because they are smaller than wigs and are required to be more secure. This is also because they are more of a permanent fixture compared to wigs, as you can sleep with them while some may not be taken off until months after installation.

And so, while the same applies in that they can cause irritation if not installed, maintained or removed correctly while the adhesive can also play a role, toupees can also affect your natural hair. This is because the installation area of a toupee is usually shaved before it is installed. Whatever hair you have left could be affected in terms of growth because of the friction of the toupee on your scalp.


However, this is also thinning or already-balding hair, so if you’ve made the decision to wear a toupee for men, it shouldn’t matter too much in the grand scheme of things. To be extra cautious, you can consider a scalp protector or a skin med to apply before installing for more protection as well as less irritation. Other than that, your scalp should remain unaffected provided you are following the best practices and maintaining your hairpiece properly.


In a nutshell, both toupees and wigs can cause irritation and lead to damaged hair if not worn correctly. But as a whole, your natural hair and scalp are pretty safe overall when using hair systems.

After all, hair systems are much more accepted in society today with a number of people — including celebrities — now wearing them with no problems at all.


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