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Reasons and Remedies for Soda Stains on Your Teeth

Although conveniently inside the mouth, the teeth are not always concealed. Many people and listeners are likely going to pay attention to your teeth than your feet. This is even though the latter is more exposed.

Without a reasonable doubt, the state of the teeth has a large influence on the overall look of the person and possibly the personality.

When you take a good look at your teeth and notice a flaw, your confidence level is threatened as you are likely going to say and smile less. For more on how the condition of ones’ teeth can affect self-confidence, you can visit: https://patient.info/news-and-features/how-your-teeth-can-affect-your-self-esteem.

This can be such a nightmare. Isn’t it?

Also, you should understand that your teeth are one of the most peculiar and sensitive parts of your body. For example, because of the large number of bacteria it gets from eating and other things, it cannot self-heal.

So, it is required of you to be extremely cautious, playing your part in ensuring that you are in a state of perfect oral health.

In this article we are going to discuss the destructive nature of soda drinks even though many people think they are harmless.

We know that soda drinks aid health complications such as obesity, heart failures and diabetes. But our emphasis in this article would be on how soda drinks affect our oral health.

But first, let us discuss exactly what makes up Soda drinks. You ought to give serious attention to this considering how much of these products are sold and consumed daily.

What Makes up Soda Drinks?

Just so we are clear, the sort of soda discussed here is not sodium bicarbonate which is used for baking. Instead, we are all about the ones that make up carbonated drinks, popularly referred to as soft drinks.

These are drinks that contain dissolved CO2. The CO2 is usually placed under a lot of pressure and entrapped in a bottle or sealed package. When the bottle’s cap is removed, or the package undone, the CO2 pressure is released in a gaseous state.

To add an appealing taste and give the product a long shelf life, ingredients such as preservatives, colouring and sugar are added. Many of these additions have adverse effects on several parts of the human body.

For instance, a large amount of sugar is bad for the body as it can trigger issues like obesity, high blood pressure, diabetes, among others.

To deal with the possible threats caused by soda drinks with added sugar, several manufacturing companies now produce diet soda or zero-sugar drinks. But does this take away every health threat?

The simple answer is no. As a matter of fact, diet soda drinks in particular open consumers up to entirely different kinds of problems. For one, they sweetened with alternative sweeteners with side effects. Examples of such sweeteners include sucralose, aspartame, stevia, saccharin, and a couple of others.

Many of these sweeteners are synthetic and addictive. So, the thought of switching to diet soda drinks as an alternative is simply corporate propaganda. It is deceptive, to say the least.

How Soda Stains Our Teeth

Despite the many health complications that can arise from consuming these products, some people are most worried about its effect on their teeth. This is because it is obvious and affects their look.

As a result, some consumers make it a habit of purchasing special mouth wash and/or teeth cleaning solutions for this purpose. But back to the issue at hand; let us understand how soda drinks are capable of staining our teeth.

There are two key players in this process: acids and bacteria. When both have contact in and around the tooth, a yellowish tooth is in fact a sign of more severe problems.

By default, as well as exposure to different kinds of edibles, the mouth has a lot of bacteria. All are not necessarily harmful microbes. However, the acid generated from the sugary content of soda drinks is where the major problem lies.

So how does the interaction of bacteria and acids affect the teeth?

First of all, the sugar content in the soda drinks settles on the teeth especially if consistently consumed. That is why it is not a one-off consumption that causes the problem but the frequency of consumption.

The sugar in the soda that settles on the teeth comes in contact with the bacteria in the teeth and begins to weaken sensitive parts of the teeth like the dentil and enamel. The invasion starts with the enamel – the hard-exterior part of the gum. Afterward, the dentil begins to feel the negative effect.

But given how the explanation above is about how sugar in soda drinks harm the teeth, how about the other soda alternative: diet and zero-sugar?

They wreck their own havoc in another manner. And as you can tell, that does not make them any better. You should know that these products equally have acids as well. The acids are intentionally added to improve taste and appeal to consumers.

With these products, the stains happen when the dye changes the look of the enamel or more critically infiltrates the dentin layer which is porous. The activity of the acids is what speeds up the yellowing stain if not addressed on time.

These things should not be taken lightly. This is because it most likely means something more critical can happen health wise. So, this is not just about oral health, but general health as well.

How do You Prevent Soda Stain?

Since remedies for soda stained teeth is our focus, here is the part where we first go over what you should and should not do to avoid it.

Prevention – Say NO to Soda

Having gone over the article until this point, you must have seen this coming. Since soda drinks are the primary cause of the stains, staying away from them will solve the whole problem.

Apart from your teeth, your general health will also benefit massively from this decision. And just in case you have a hard time cutting loose from these best-selling products, you can withdraw gradually. Reduce your intake drastically.

No Water, No Soda

We could just end the list by saying “stop taking soda”. However, this is not always the case as these drinks can be highly addictive. This explains why the industry raked in over 27 billion dollars in 2019. Considering the cheap cost of getting these drinks, that is an amazing gross profit.

So, we should also be particular about helping those who cannot help themselves with soda. On this note, consumers should not take soda without water. After gulping several times, you should also gulp water and raise your mouth well enough.

This way, any sugar residue or specially formulated acid seeking to attach itself to your enamel, gum, or tooth will be washed out immediately.

Make Limited Contact Using a Straw

On this note, using a straw is not just about your convenience but your health. When you use a straw, your teeth will have minimal access to the problem causing acids in the drink. The content will go straight from the bottle, can, or whatever package it is, above the tongue without contact with the teeth.

So, just in case you cannot play by the golden rule of stopping soda entirely, kindly use a straw. As a rule, children should be well supervised for this procedure whenever they have to take soda drinks. This is because they are very vulnerable to soda stains given their immature enamel.

Be Done as Quickly as Possible

Probably you think this next statement is not gentle-manly. Well, it is clearly for health reasons. So, you should avoid taking little sips of the drink. Gulp a large but reasonable amount and be done as quickly as you can.

When you linger too long on the drink, you allow the acidic content enough time to take effect on your enamel, dentil, and tooth. The earlier you are done with the drink, the better for your teeth.

When Brushing Is a Bad Idea

Yes! With soda drinks, there is a bad time to brush your teeth. This is ironic as many people make this mistake. They are aware of the damages these products can cause but lack the entire knowledge of how brushing the teeth immediately can further complicate the situation.

After taking soda, the enamel, dentil, and gum at large are likely weaker. The acid from the drink will have put a strain on these parts. On this note, using an abrasive tool like a brush on the tooth and gum can further weaken it.

In light of this, you should wait a while before brushing your teeth. Also, as explained above, a good amount of water used to rinse the mouth can do the trick. Just make sure you do not brush immediately.

How Do You Remove Soda Stain?

In the preceding segment, we spent a great deal explaining what to do to prevent this issue. Well, how about how to remove it if it shows up? There are two potent options that can be explored.

See a Good Dentist

This is a particularly good option. It affords you the chance to get a detailed examination of your oral cavity before and after treatment. You also get to hear tested and trusted advice on how to maintain your oral health the right way.

However, this is often an expensive option. For the record, the treatment can sometimes run into thousands of dollars. So, for this reason, the next option stands out as a good alternative.

Teeth Whitening Kit

Unlike snake oil toothpaste and gels that do nominal teeth whitening job, this is a lot more effective. Also, depending on the product you get, you may have a lot more convenience and effectiveness than you could have imagined.

A major part of the kit is stuck to your teeth as it cleans it and kills harmful bacteria that can degenerate into further stains. And just in case you are concerned about safety, you have no worries as they are FDA approved items. To know more about these products, you can click here.

On a Final Note

Soda drinks are not the only consumables that cause teeth stain. Other things include tea, tobacco, coffee, and a lot more. Usually, the problem is down to lifestyle choices and making appropriate adjustments is the best way to change the narrative.

So, while we have shared tips to help avoid and remove soda stains, be deliberate about making healthy lifestyle choices.

Oral health matters!

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