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How to Put on Mass: A Guide for Weight Lifting Beginners

Are you new to the weightlifting game? Trying to get “swole”?

It’s not as easy as it might look. Regardless of your sex, putting on bulk takes more than just casual trips to the gym and lifting a few weights. Learning how to put on mass is essential if you want to get results as quickly as possible and not spend time spinning your wheels.

Do you know how to “get big” or are you stuck looking skinny?

We’ve got some muscle-building for you that will take you from gym newbie to buff bodybuilder (well, at least strong gymgoer). Keep reading to learn more.

Lift Heavy

If you’re not lifting heavy you’re not going to be gaining strength or mass. Your body can adapt quickly to the weights that you’re throwing at it. This means that you need to work towards progressive overload.

This means that you’re increasing the intensity (in this case, weight) of the exercise over time.

When you first get started, pick a weight that’s challenging for you at 8-10 reps. You may lower your reps over time as you add more weight, but this is a great starting point.

Once this is too easy, add five to ten pounds at a time per visit.

Reach a Caloric Surplus

Think about this logically. You can’t build mass without also adding weight. While losing weight and building muscle is possible for beginners, once your body adjusts you’re going to need to eat more to build muscle.

Many foods help you gain muscle, but if you want to build bulk you’re also going to want to eat in excess. Calculate your required caloric intake and try adding 100 calories per day. Scale upwards if you’re not seeing results.

Supplements Are A-Okay

Supplements get a bad rap. When you’re working hard at the gym, your body may need more than your food can give it, especially if you have mass goals in mind.

BHAs and protein powders are the most common supplements for people who are serious about their fitness. They give you the energy to complete your workouts and the protein punch to help you recover.

You can also try other forms of supplements that can encourage muscle growth and fat loss to ensure you’re building more muscle and losing more fat despite your caloric surplus. Click here to learn about peptides that may help to break down fat.

Remember to Rest

Hitting the gym every day is actually counterproductive when you’re trying to build mass.

When you’re working out you’re straining your muscles and burning calories. These sound like good things (because they are) but you’ll have a harder time progressing if you never take a rest day. You’ll burn too many calories and you won’t be working to your full potential.

Throughout your exercise schedule, you should be paying attention to different body parts daily. This helps you avoid overworking the arms and legs when you’re switching back and forth so the other can rest. At least one full rest day and one active rest day will also help you maintain your progress.

Active rest can be a jog, pilates, or anything else that improves your fitness without straining your muscles.

Do You Know How to Put On Mass? Let’s Get Started!

Once you know how to put on mass, the hard work begins. Stay motivated. Remember, this is the time where you get to eat what you want (within reason) and get the results that you’re looking for.

Slow and steady wins the race, so pick a schedule you can stick to and you’ll begin seeing results in no time.

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