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Preparations to Make Ahead of your Botox Appointment

A person’s perception of their body image is influenced by several factors including societal stereotyping or the individual need to look good. For example, a person with a medium width nose, and lips with a cupid’s bow are aid to be more attractive. Such factors may lead to one making a decision to take up medical procedures to rectify a part of their body. Aesthetic treatments have been influential in boosting some people’s self-esteem and making them recover a part of their beauty that was lost.

Therefore, these aesthetic treatments cannot be entirely bad yet there are people who have benefitted from them. Apart from sorting out wrinkles, Botox injections are used to rectify several dysfunctions in the body such as lazy eye, persistent migraines, and bladder dysfunction. Additionally, when performed by a specialist they are very safe. Below are some of the ways patients can prepare for their Botox procedure.

Be Honest with your Doctor

Patient history is crucial to doctors even the slightest fact that you may see as unnecessary may make a difference during the procedure. Therefore, when attending your clinics prior to the procedure inform your doctor of any medication you are on, any previous skin regimen, any allergies or if you are a smoker. The information may seem personal or hard to talk about but it is what is needed to guarantee your safety during the treatment. If you have scanty information about the process feel free to ask about it.

Be on the Same Page with your Doctor

When going through any aesthetic or cosmetic procedure it is important that you surf on the same wave with your doctor. Open up about your expectations of the procedure and make sure your doctor is also of the same opinion. Do you expect to maintain a natural look or do you want to completely change your appearance. No matter how ambitious your thoughts are, feel free to share them. Mostly people want to remove the wrinkles and widen their eye while still maintaining a natural look. Whatever your preference is communicate freely.

Make Early Preparations before the Procedure Day

Any normal human being will be anxious when going through such a process. It is mainly because the outcome is unknown. Therefore, making early preparations will ensure you do not miss some important steps such as stocking the necessary drugs recommended by the doctor or buying comfort foods. Most importantly, it’s best to avoid drugs such as Aspirin and ibuprofen. Moreover, during your early preparation it is important to avoid the tempting glass of wine or alcohol in any form. Such early preparations will make the procedure smooth and the healing process too. Furthermore, ensure you clean your skin regularly before the procedure day. Use soap and warm water to clean.

Be Realistic

Both physical and emotional preparations are essential. Aesthetic surgeries have different outcomes for different people. You might become completely young or the wrinkles may disappear slightly. Therefore, it is important to have realistic expectations as you prepare for the procedure. Being overambitious may lead to disappointments, regrets and self loathe after the procedure. Therefore, it is important to go through counseling before the procedure. Nonetheless, the results will not be immediate. You might spend four days without seeing any changes and wondering whether the doctor really did anything. Therefore patience is of essence especially after the injection.

Know When the Procedure Is Not Right for You

The whole essence of consulting with a medic first before going through Botox is to eliminate any possible issues that may place you at risk during or after the procedure. Hence, if you have any underlying conditions such as breathing problems then you should stay away from such aesthetic treatments.

Set the Treatment Date on a Day When you are Less Stressed

Generally we all have good and bad days. On your bad day even a simple house fly irritates you, do not schedule your surgery on such days even if it lands on that day you can still reschedule it. You need your blood pressure in check before the procedure. Therefore, note your good days and schedule the treatment then. Clear your schedule before and after the operation to cushion yourself from any stress. Sometimes Botox causes bruising; hence you need to schedule your appointment at a time when you have fewer activities for no important event coming up. Scheduling your appointment in the morning is also advised since for most people it is when they are most relaxed.

Carry Out Extensive Research on the Procedure.

Some information on the process will help in your preparation. It’s normal to cringe at the thought of needles and injections. Is it painful? How long will it take? All these are questions you will be asking yourself. There are enough resources on the internet explaining the whole process and everything you may need to know about the procedure.

Go through its benefits, how it is administered and its potential side effects. While it is a helpful procedure it also has its effects such as redness and headaches. Reading about it will help you make up your mind on whether to continue with the procedure or not. Furthermore you should look up for verified institutions that carry out Botox services. It is easy to fall prey to quack doctors who may not know the procedure well. Therefore, it is your duty to identify institutions with qualified practitioners.

Final Take

It’s hard to keep hiding the signs of old age with makeup. The hassle of erasing eye bags and wrinkles can be a challenge.  Botox treatment is a life changing procedure that can turn around a person’s life. However, despite the procedure being successful in most cases, it is also important to keep your expectations in check to avoid depression in case the results do not meet your expectation. Early preparations before the treatment day will guarantee you some comfort during and after the procedure.

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