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I Have the Power! 5 Exercises That Boost Testosterone

We all know that testosterone is an essential hormone for our bodies. Healthy testosterone levels help build muscle, improves our libido, and even helps with cognition. What can you do if you suspect that your testosterone levels are plummeting?

Before you talk to your doctor or run out and buy expensive supplements to increase your T-levels, you may want to consider hitting the gym. Adding some simple exercises to your workout routine could do the trick.

Read on to discover five exercises that boost testosterone levels and make you feel like a new man.

  1. HIIT Training

High-intensity interval training (HIIT) is a form of exercise that uses short periods of intense exercise followed by lower intensity or rest. HIIT has become a popular form of exercise, in part, thanks to workout programs like Insanity. Known for its ability to torch calories in a short amount of time, HIIT offers benefits to your testosterone as well:

One study indicated that wrestlers who performed six cycles of 35-meter sprints at maximum intensity followed by a ten-second recovery in between, twice each week for four weeks, increased their T-levels.

Another study stated that alternating high and low intensity every 90 seconds within a 45-minute run increased T-levels compared to running at a normal pace for 45-minutes.

One only needs to look at Shaun T’s sculpted core to recognize that HIIT can lead to amazing results. Want to give HIIT a try? Here is a workout to get you started. What’s great about this workout is that it requires no weights and can be done daily in your home.

  1. Squats, Push-ups, and Pull-ups, Oh, My!

Want to mix up your at-home workouts? No problem. We got you! Simply alternate the HIIT workout above with some bodyweight training. What is bodyweight training, you say?

If you think you can’t get a quality workout without jumping around like a lunatic, think again. Incorporate this Men’s Health bodyweight training program into your weekly workout regimen and watch the results come. Not only will it help you build muscle, burn calories, and look leaner, it will also improve your T-levels.

  1. Resistance Training

Resistance training can be done in an old-fashioned way with dumbbells or in a more modern way with bands. Either way, you’ll be working your muscles against the force of the weights or bands.

Many benefits come with resistance training. Weight training is linked to building muscle, torching fat, and boosting your T-levels. In fact, one study found that one 30-minute weight training session can boost testosterone levels by over 20%!

  1. Remember Leg Day

Strong legs are important for creating a strong core, so don’t skip out on leg day! A study was conducted to compare the difference of people who only work out their upper body as opposed to those who also incorporate leg day into their routine.

The results: the group that incorporated leg day showed dramatic increases in testosterone levels compared to those who didn’t. So, short answer: don’t skip leg day!

  1. Make Time to Rest

Just as crucial as getting in proper exercise each week is giving your body a moment to rest. Studies suggest that giving at least 120 seconds of rest between sets show improvements in testosterone.

While you’re at it, take a breather at home and check out more ways to stay fit by following the popular https://lyf.fit/ website.

There You Have it: 5 Exercises That Boost Testosterone!

There you have it, five exercises that boost testosterone. Before you run out and reach for the supplements, reach out for your dumbbells and raise your T-levels the natural way.

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