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How to Care for Halloween SFX Lenses

Proper care of Halloween SFX lenses is essential. When lenses are cleaned and stored correctly, they last longer and are healthier for your eyes:

  1. DO NOT store lenses in the vial after opening. Use a lens case filled with multi-purpose contact lens solution.  Coastal Contacts ships a free lens case with every order of SFX lenses.
  2. Before handling your contact lenses, always remember to wash your hands and dry them with a lint free towel.  Avoid using any lotions before handling contact lenses.
  3. Clean and rinse your contact lenses with contact lens solution.
  4. Apply Halloween makeup, hairspray and other cosmetic aerosols BEFORE inserting  your Halloween contact lenses. You should always put contact lenses on first before anything else.  This will reduce the chance of getting make-up on the contact lens when inserting them and the need to touch up make up afterwards.
  5. Remove Halloween lenses BEFORE removing makeup.
  6. Do not wear your SFX lenses for longer than 6- 8 hours especially if you are a first time wearer.
  7. Once the vial is opened, the contact lens is good for up to 1 year.  If you do not open the vial, the shelf life is printed on the outside of the vial.
  8. DO NOT sleep with Halloween lenses. Always remove Halloween contact lenses before going to sleep. Halloween SFX lenses are not designed for night time wear.
  9. Halloween contact lenses are not recommended for driving as certain styles can distort your vision.
  10. If your eyes get red and irritated or if you feel any pain remove your lenses and contact your eye care practitioner.
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