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Food you should avoid for oral hygiene

The things you consume can be both good and bad for oral care. These tend to build cavities in your child’s teeth which in turn may cause serious oral issues in future. What your child is eating, matters a lot. You need to be careful about choosing the right food for your child. You cannot prevent them from having the foods they love, yet you can find alternatives to those harmful foods. Before this, you must be aware of the bad foods that lead to cavities in your child. For your knowledge, we have listed them below.

Foods that your child should avoid

  1. Candies and sugary treats

The sugar content in candies not only results in cavities, but can make your child’s teeth cracked and chipped. Instead, you can choose sugar free chewing gums for them which contain similar taste.

  1. Citrus canned juice

While citrus juices like lemon are quite refreshing, yet they are not good for your child’s teeth. They erode the enamel, making teeth vulnerable to decay. It is good to limit the amount of such consumption. You should make lemon water at home rather than opting for canned products.

  1. Coffee

Coffee contains too much of caffeine which dries out the mouth if taken in large quantity. They even stain your child’s teeth. Also, adding sugar is compulsory for children as they cannot have black coffee like adults. These sugars are great agents for causing cavities in teeth. It is good to avoid coffee or caffeine product for children. Let them get to their adolescents and then allow it to them, that too in limits.

  1. Sticky fast foods

Fast foods like burger and pizza are made with bread bases. Those sticky foods get stuck to the teeth and remain between the teeth for a long time until you brush well. These are going to cause real harm a child’s teeth and they often lead to cavities.

  1. Potato chips

Every child loves the crunchy potato chips. Unfortunately, they contain starch which gets trapped in the teeth. These particles lead to plaque build-up in the teeth of the children. If they cannot avoid them, see that they take good care of the flossing.

  1. Soft drinks

Soft drinks are a favorite of children. However, they contain lots of sugar and caffeine which lead to plaque. These are acidic and tend to attack the enamel and damage the hard tooth surface. You need to limit such consumption for healthier eating and oral habits.

  1. Sports beverages

Young athletes often take a lot of sports beverages to remain active. However, they contain a lot of sugar which are no good for your teeth. Hope you have learnt it till now.

Even if you know that these foods are harmful for your child’s oral health, yet you cannot cut them entirely. It is advisable that you visit a pediatric dentist and visit them regularly for proper follow up of oral care. Visit good health care like Perimeter Pediatric Dentistry and Orthodontics so that you get the best service.




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