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How to Find a Comfortable Vegan Shoe

Vegan shoes can be stylish and comfortable. Click here to learn how to find a comfortable vegan shoe that you can even work in.

If you are looking for shoes that cute, comfortable, and cruelty-free, then you have come to the right place.

There are many different ways to vegan shoes that can kickstart your vegan wardrobe or add to your collection.

Want to learn more? Then keep on reading to learn how to find the best vegan shoes that keep you comfy while also being kind to animals.

From shoes you can wear to a night out to a vegan shoe you can work in, here are the ways to find a comfortable vegan shoe.

Check the Materials 

The most obvious place to start for finding vegan shoes is to check the material. If a shoe is vegan, it will most likely be made from various plant-based or synthetic fabrics.

Let’s dive into the best fabrics for vegan shoes.


Cotton is easily one of the most versatile fabrics available. From shoes to shirts and everything in between, cotton is a breathable fabric that offers flexibility and comfort.

Because of these factors, it also makes an excellent choice for cheap vegan shoes. You can find a variety of brands that offer cotton sneakers, slides, and more.


Hemp is easily one of the most talked-about plants in recent years. So, it makes sense that it would be utilized as a vegan shoe material.

Similarly to cotton, hemp is a light, breathable fabric that is insanely durable. Hemp is stronger than cotton and also has moisture-wicking abilities, making it an excellent choice for footwear.

Vegan Leather 

Leather is one of the first materials that many vegans give up, as it is made by using various harmless animals’ skin. Also, normal leather takes forever to break in and can leave severe blisters, bruises, and other discomforts in the process.

Authentic leather is notoriously durable, but vegan leathers out there can also withstand heavy wear and be more comfortable.

If you need vegan shoes that will last a long time, hemp is a great option to ensure that you will have comfort and durability.

Some common vegan leather materials include PVC or polyvinyl chloride. This is an inexpensive, durable fabric that mimics cow’s leather without the need to use animals.

However, there are some environmental concerns when using PVC. So, some brands opt for a slightly better material, polyurethane. PU is also an excellent choice for eco-friendly, vegan work shoes, as the “leather” is more durable than your lighter cotton shoes.

PU varies in price, so you’re sure to find a vegan leather shoe that perfectly fits you and your budget.

Keep an Eye-Out for Brands With Vegan Options 

Even if a brand isn’t entirely vegan, some offer vegan options to those who do not want animal products in their fashion.

For example, brands like Dr. Martens, Adidas, and more offer vegan leather options for their most iconic shoes.

The key here is to make sure that the product description is labeled as “vegan” while also making sure that the material they used is listed, so you know the durability and comfort of the shoe you plan to purchase.

Shop Exclusively Vegan and Read Reviews

If you want all of your shoes to be vegan, it’s best to shop exclusively for vegan retailers. If comfort is a top priority, it’s best to check out and read the reviews of these vegan shops to know exactly what you are getting in your shoes.

Sometimes, it can difficult to find the perfect shoe, even if they’re not vegan. So, it’s imperative to make sure you research the type of shoe you want, its vegan counterpart, and then making sure they have the comfort factor so you can wear them all day with ease.

Do a Test Run 

If you cannot go to a physical store to try on vegan shoes, the next best thing is to buy online. Additionally, a lot of vegan retailers are online-based, without brick and mortar shops available.

If this is the case, do a test run with your vegan shoes. Try them out, wear them around the house, and see if they can withstand your day-to-day walk around. If not, you can easily return them (as long as they are not damaged) and go on to the next shoe hunt.

Pay Attention to the Style of the Vegan Shoe

Wedges are usually more comfortable than stilettos, and sneakers are usually more comfortable than dress shoes. Keep these factors in mind when looking at vegan shoes.

If you have a certain shape or style of uncomfortable shoes in non-vegan variants, they will most likely be uncomfortable in vegan form.

You want to get good wear out of your shoes, and the key is to know what shoes are most comfortable for you before buying. This may mean looking at your current wardrobe and analyzing what shoes you gravitate towards and which ones you avoid.

You know, like those pair of heels you dread wearing when you have a fancy event to attend. Or, that pair of oxfords that rub on your back heal too severely. If you want to find a comfortable vegan shoe, make sure you know which shoes fit you and your lifestyle best.

The Best Tips for Finding Comfortable and Cheap Vegan Shoes

From the material, brand, and more, here are the best ways to find a comfortable vegan shoe that you will be excited to add to your wardrobe.

The best way to find vegan shoes is to do your research and see what types of vegan shoes work best in your lifestyle. From work shoes to fancy shoes, there are a variety of options to choose from.

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