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Dry Needling: Benefits, comparison, side-effects, and precautions

The concept of dry needling has developed in recent times and has proven to be a cure for several parts of our body. This modern treatment has been developed to ease the extreme pain. Mostly, it helps to lower the muscular pain by treating the trigger points. The dry needling therapy involves inserting many syringes or injections on to the skin. Nonetheless, these aren’t regular injections but the filiform ones which are very small and dense. Nonetheless, no liquid is injected into the body by the filiform injections and thus the process is known as dry needling.


The needles are usually inserted into the trigger points of the pained area, mostly in the muscular or tissue area. Thus, the process is also referred to be intramuscular stimulation. The injection treats the trigger points which are hard, therefore forming a knot over it. However, after the knots are released, the muscle pain seems to lower down and ease up to a lot of extents. The dry needling therapy practitioner usually keeps the injection injected into the trigger points depending upon the seriousness of your pain. Usually, the injections are kept for a time period of 10 to 30 minutes.


What are the dry needling benefits?

One of the most significant dry needling benefits happens to be offering relief from excessive pain. The dry needling physical therapy plays an important role to make you get rid of the muscle stiffness and pain. Since it also helps to ease the muscular knot, it improves the flexibility of the body. Also, dry needling has a soothing impact on the trigger points. This, however, proves to enhance the range of motion. It is for this reason that dry needling is used to treat a number of problems. Dry needling therapy over time can help to cure muscle pain, sport injuries, and fibromyalgia pain.


Is acupuncture similar to dry needling?

There has been much controversy regarding dry needling being similar to acupuncture. This is because both use the stainless steel injection to relieve the pain. However, both happen to differ from each other. The dry needling vs acupuncture seems to be more of an argument between new and old. While acupuncture is an old practice which has been followed for thousand years, the dry needling physical therapy is recently developed. Also, acupuncture is said to treat pain while dry needling therapy helps to treat the trigger points. Thus, acupuncture helps to open the chi or energy of the body thereby allowing relief. On the other hand, the irritable muscles or trigger points are eased to offer relief.


Are there any side-effects of dry needling?

The dry needling side-effects have been considered to be pretty minor and can often be treated. Some of the dry needling side-effects include the following:


  • Fainting
  • Bruising
  • Fatigue
  • Bleeding from the place where the injection was inserted
  • Soreness due to treatment


Most of these dry needling side-effects surface after the treatment is done. Experts have often been of the view to get the treatment from any professional. Nonetheless, it can be harmful even if a slight mistake is committed.


What are the precautions that you need to take?

There are certain precautions to be taken during dry needling in order to avoid any potential health risks. First of all, you should check whether you are getting your treatment from any certified professional or not. If you are hiring a dry needling therapy practitioner, you should check if their certificate is recent. You should also check if you can pay for the treatment through your medical insurance. This will help you to lower your extra expenses to a lot of extents.


You can find many dry needling therapy practitioners around you. Since so many details are available online, you can check for them and determine which would be suitable for you. Nonetheless getting to know a certified practitioner is a little more difficult than that of the acupuncture professionals.


If you have been suffering from the muscular pain for a long time, it is better to get dry needling done. However, you should consider the intensity of the pain and consult with a doctor. Also, dry needling physical therapy can offer pretty much beneficial results just like acupuncture does. Although there are very less known impacts, dry needling does offer great results.