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What Are the Different Types of Spray Tan Machines?

Sunless tanning has drastically advanced over the years. Gone are the days when there were limited options in indoor tanning. Given the plethora of tanning techniques available in the market, it’s inevitable for one to get overwhelmed. If you look for spray tan beds near me on a search engine, you will get a wide variety of spray tanning options.

When going for a spray tanning service, it’s best to make yourself aware of different spray tanning machines available in the market and how each one work. Doing so will help you make a well-informed choice. You can choose the one that perfectly meets your needs and offers you the desired tan.

In this blog, we have discussed different types of spray tanning machines.

High Volume Low-Pressure Spray Tan: High Volume Low-Pressure Spray Tan or HVLP is a widely used spray tanning machine. You can spot the HVLP spray tanning machine at your closest tanning booth or mobile tanning salons. The machine uses somewhere between 400W to 700W of energy.

There is minimum-to-no wastage of spray tanning solution in the HVLP spray tanning machine. The machine comes with a deluxe gun that is leak-proof and doesn’t overspray. The tanning time of the HVLP machine is 5 minutes. Since the machine has an automatic shut off mechanism, it doesn’t overheat when in use. The machine also features automatic heat function to dry the body.


Low Volume Low-Pressure Spray Tan Machine: Low Volume Low-Pressure Spray Tan Machine or LVLP operates on the turbine mechanism. The machine delivers even spray tan mist through guns like a nozzle. LVLP is different than HVLP machine as it works at a lower pressure. The machine has extra fans attached to the turbine that makes it noisier when in use. The spray tanning with LVlP requires precision, and not all can work with the machine.

Low Volume Low-Pressure Spray Tan machines are costlier as compared to High Volume Low-Pressure machines.

Tanning tan of the LVLP spray machine is between 10-15 minutes. The machine has a flexible spray delivery adjuster that makes it ideal for home tanning.

Airbrush Spray Machine: Spray tanning professionals widely use airbrush Spray Machine. In the market, airbrush spray machines of different specifications are available. However, an airbrush tanning machine with a compressor is one of the most commonly used machines. The Airbrush system initially served the purpose of making fake tattoos. Later on, the airbrush technique was picked up by spray tanning professionals. Airbrush tanning is less costly as compared to other spray tanning techniques. The airbrush tanning system delivers the tan solution at high pressure and less time. Unlike LVLP, airbrush spray tanning gun doesn’t make much noise. Some downsides of its high-pressure spray mist delivery system include overspray and wastage of tan solution.

Automatic Spray Tanning Booths: Automatic Spray Tanning Booth is an enclosed room or cubicle. One has to stand inside the tanning booth to get spray tanned. Inside the tanning booth, nozzles and spray guns automatically shoot spray tan mist. The vents are placed strategically to cover the entire body. Automatic spray tan machines are expensive and require a huge setup cost. In an automatic spray tan booth, it takes only a couple of minutes to get tanned.