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The Common Signs of Addiction: This Is What You Need to Know

Did you know that every 1 in 7 Americans will face some kind of substance addiction? With so many people who experience addiction, it’s not too farfetched for someone you know or love to be fighting the battle. This is why it’s important to spot the signs of addiction so you can help either yourself or your loved one.

Drug addiction can be difficult to spot at the beginning, but it will always reveal itself. To help you in identifying the signs, let’s take a look at the signs and dangers of addiction.

The Dangers of Addiction

Addiction is a disease that can affect the user’s brain drastically, specifically the functions of memory, motivation, and reward. When it gets really bad, the addicted substance is all that matters to the user.

It’s important to spread awareness to your friends and family about drug (including alcohol) addiction and its always okay to express your concerns. If you are a parent and have had past cases of family drug addiction, it’s important to sit down and have a conversation with your children once they’ve reached the age to where they may go off experimenting without your knowledge.

It’s always best to catch addiction early, whether it be cautioning others or spotting signs of addiction. So, let’s take a look at some of the signs.

Obsessive Thoughts

Constantly thinking or talking about the substance is a big sign of addiction. Where daydreams once were, now stand thoughts and cravings of this substance.

If you suspect yourself of an addiction, pay attention to how often you think about the substance. If you are concerned for a friend, see if they talk about it all the time or see how excited or interested they become once the substance is mentioned.

Excessive Use

Obsessive thoughts are one thing, but excessive use of the substance is even worse. Most drugs alter your mental state, causing you to crave the feeling again once you’ve come down. This can get very dangerous the more the drug is used.

This is due to the creation of tolerance to the substance. The more tolerant you are of something, the more you’ll have to use or ingest it in order to experience the feeling you’re craving. As with any drug, too much will kill you.

Disregard of Yourself and Others

As the addiction grows, your concern for your own wellbeing and the way you treat others begin to disappear. The only thing that matters is the substance.

This becomes dangerous to not only yourself because excessive drug use can lead to death, but the people you love will get hurt. The emotional damage from worrying for you will weigh on them, causing them to want to help you even more. Most addicts don’t know and don’t believe they need help, so when pressed, they can lash out with violence whether they mean to hurt you or not.

Hiding Drug Use

Because most addicts don’t know or don’t believe they need help, they don’t want people to keep worrying them or checking on them. To prevent those things from happening, they may hide their drug use.

If you suspect someone you love is hiding their use, try to notice any changes in behavior. This includes things from dropping their responsibilities to even participating in criminal acts.

Noticing Signs of Addiction

Addiction is a rugged path that is difficult for everyone involved. This is why finding the signs of addiction before it gets too bad is so important. Just remember to treat the situation with care and that there are always ways to help.

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