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How To Choose The Best Pan For Crepes?

When it comes to buying a frying pan you would certainly be surprised at a wide range of them available differing in material, shape and size. Yet they have some common features like the ones we’re going to cover below. All of them are low-sided, which makes flipping pancakes easy as pie. Thick bottom and sides ensure the pan is sturdy and durable. Such pans can boast of withstanding high temperature difference when you put cold batter on its burning hot surface. One more feature is a long bad heated knob.

So the choice is up to you. Remember that the best crepe pan is the one you can make delicious pancakes with.

Teflon Coating Pan

Frying pans with non-stick coating is a perfect variant for a number of reasons. First, you need no oil, second, you can easily wash your cookware and third, your pancakes will never stick to the bottom unless the surface of the pan is scratched. Therefore it is extremely important to use the pan properly, flipping pancakes with a wooden or plastic spatula only. As for cleaning the dish, using soft sponge and nonabrasive detergent is a good idea. Low cost of this pan is another advantage. If it’s your first time making pancakes, this one is a must-have.

The only drawback of Teflon coating is that heated above 220 degrees the pan releases toxins. Luckily such frying pans are equipped with a thermo spot, making it possible to control the temperature.

Comfort and Safety: Ceramic Pans

According to DiligentChef.com, ceramic coating pans are usually made of cast iron, cast aluminum or steel. Quality of these pans is higher than that of the Teflon one, so do not expect its price be low. Experienced housewives who tried different types of pans declare that ceramic dishes are more scratch resistant and their non-stick properties could not be compared to Teflon pans.

However it is still advisable to avoid metal spatulas on it, the pan is rather expensive and you want it to serve you for years anyway. One more important thing is that ceramics withstands high temperature and absolutely safe for your health as it is made of natural materials like stone, sand and water.

Attractive Pancakes with Marble Coating Pans

This kind of pans is new generation cookware. It’s made of cast aluminum covered with marble or granite so you will never know what burnt or stuck pancakes are. If you never tried frying pancakes before, use a marble coating pan and you will love the result.

Marble pan is heat resistant and never releases toxic substances. There is even no need to kilning the pan before the first use. While frying the pan heats evenly, as a result, you get nice gold-colored pancakes. These pans are expensive, but they are really sturdy, especially when used properly.

Aluminum and Steel Pans in Frying Pancakes

Light and inexpensive pan made of aluminum is quickly heated and it really makes the whole process of frying pancakes go much faster. But keep in mind that scratching non-sticky covering results in aluminum releasing toxic substances, so be careful and make sure you use soft spatulas only.

One more issue to consider is that after a certain period of time thin aluminum pan bottom deforms, as a result pancakes get slightly thicker in the middle.

Classics: Cast Iron Pan

Cast iron dishes appeared in the III century B.C. Since that time people found nothing better for frying pancakes than this pan. It’s sturdy, durable and can serve you a lifetime. Oil gradually penetrates into its porous surface creating natural fat non-sticky layer on it. So the older your cast iron pan is, the tastier your pancakes will be unless you’ve cooked any other food with it of course.

Cast iron pan is rather simple to use, as it is practically impossible to scratch or deform it. Due to its thick bottom, the heat is distributed equally and the pancakes are evenly fried with no burn marks. But still, this pan has its drawback. It is rather heavy and it easily gets rusty.

Style Lovers Prefer Copper Pans

Copper is one of the oldest metals used by humans, and it’s a perfect variant when frying pancakes. The heat is distributed evenly and retained in the pan for quite a long time, besides there is no need in tricky and tiring preparation of the pan before the first use.

As the price for copper cookware is rather unattractive, they are mainly bought by professional chefs and aesthetes. One more frustrating thing is that after some time the pan gets darker and therefore needs cleaning with lemon juice or whatever washing agent is good for it.


As you can see the number of pancakes pans to pick is huge, each of them having advantages and disadvantages. Check out this link to read detailed review of the best crepe pan models.

Interesting fact: Food service establishments choose stainless steel pans mainly because they are rather handy, sturdy and durable, which makes this high-quality cookware more expensive than aluminum one.

Hope you will make the right choice and will enjoy your great results in cooking pancakes!

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