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6 Inspiring Office Décor Tips to Boost Your Productivity

The environment you’re in doesn’t only impact how you feel but it also dictates how well you perform at work. This means that just a few simple décor tips can help you be more productive and give your career a boost. The best thing about these tips is that you can apply them no matter if you operate from a desk in your company’s office or a home office in your spare room. So, without further ado, let’s take a closer look at six inspiring office décor tips that can help you get more work done.

Get office plants

You’d be surprised by how many people forget to introduce greenery into their office. All humans can suffer if there’s not enough nature in their day-to-day and adding a few plants into your office is highly recommended. Not only will these little things add style to the space but they’ll also help you keep the air inside your office fresh. What’s more, just a few office plants can reduce the noise coming from the outside and allow you to better focus on your work. The best part of it is that there are so many office plants that are extremely easy to take care of. Those such as Aloe and Peace Lily are guaranteed to look amazing in any modern office.

Hang motivational messages

Whether you work at home or in a “real” office, there will come moments when you feel tired and uninspired. The biggest problem is that these moments make it easy to forget why you’re working so hard to begin with. In situations like that, having a few motivational messages hung on your wall can have a huge impact on your daily output. In case you don’t have any, it’s time to browse the web and look for quotes that inspire you to keep improving. It’s also important to mention that there are a number of different textures and typography styles you can choose from. This means you should be able to design motivational messages that match the style of your office.

Know what to keep on your desk

No matter what kind of work you do, your desk is the most important feature in your office. Although minimalism really is a thing at the moment, you can’t just leave your office desk empty. You also can’t keep all kinds of clutter on it if you want to get any work done. Come up with a list of items you use on a regular basis such as stapler or calendar and see if you can find room for them on your desk. In case there’s something you use only occasionally, finding room in your drawers for it is a much better idea. Just remember that items you keep on your desk should also add style to the room. If you feel like your office supply arsenal could use an update, visiting Winc online is recommended.

Choose the right colours

Another tool you can use to boost your productivity is colour. Studies have shown that colours can influence our mood, meaning that opting for the right ones can help you get more work done. For example, bluish hues are known to stimulate the mind and finding ways to introduce them into your office is a good idea. Similarly, yellow tones inspire creativity and may be exactly what your office needs. Bear in mind that the impact different colours have varies from person to person. Figure out which hues work for you and think of ways you can incorporate them into your office design. You can learn more about colour psychology on websites like Psychology Today.

Add scents

The key to staying productive all day long is to make sure none of your senses end up being neglected. Your office may look well but if there are no scents you enjoy to go along with it, chances are you’re not being as productive as possible. There are all kinds of scented candles and essential oil diffusers you can get for your office and ensure the entire place smells amazing. The scent that is most often used in offices is peppermint, mostly because it is known to aid concentration and energize. Citrusy scents are also a good option as they can help you reduce stress and focus on the task at hand.

Use baskets for organization

Office clutter can cause stress and make it impossible to put all your attention into the task you’re tackling at the moment. However, most of the things you have lying around your office are something you’ll need at some point in the future and throwing them away isn’t an option. Luckily, you can get baskets or plastic boxes and use them to group items that you don’t know what to do with. These things will make your office more stylish and help you organize the entire place so that you can be more productive. Give baskets a go and you’ll see that it’s much better to use storage options instead of placing items randomly on your desk.

Over to you

Using décor to take your office to the next level can turn out to be an amazing idea. Introduce the right items into your office and you can be assured your productivity will receive a significant boost. Start by following the six tips covered in this post and you can expect to see results quite soon.

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