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6 Incredible Benefits of BOTOX Injections

Are you thinking about getting Botox injections?

Well, get in line! This treatment’s become mega-popular in America. Indeed, between 2002 (when it was first approved for cosmetic use by the FDA) and 2016, 11 million Americans paid to have it done.

You can’t blame them, either. Botox is a go-to for anybody who’s concerned with their crow’s feet and railing against their wrinkles. A few quick shots of the stuff can sort them out in no time!

That’s more than enough reason for most people to flock to the nearest cosmetic surgeon’s office. The benefits of botox don’t stop there though.

Indeed, this wonder drug offers more than just a beauty treatment. It’s well-known and widely used to tackle an array of medical problems too.

Do you want to learn more about the advantages involved? Keep reading to discover 6 incredible Botox benefits.

  1. It Gets Rid of Wrinkles

As we just mentioned, Botulinum toxin (aka Botox) is best-known for its wrinkle-related benefits these days. But, interestingly, that’s a far cry from its original purpose.

It was first intended as a solution to muscular spasms.

Medical professionals realized that, in small doses, this toxin had the potential to freeze muscles and stop the spasms happening. It wasn’t long, though, before people treated for eye spasms realized their crow’s feet were disappearing as well!

The dawn of using Botox for cosmetic purposes was born. It works too.

Botox offers an easy solution to anybody looking to allay the signs of aging. Delivered by trained professionals via Botox injections to an affected area (usually on the face or neck), you can smooth wrinkles and get rid of fine lines.

For many, that’s the only advantage to Botox they need to know about!

  1. It Stabilizes Strabismus

Another Botox benefit revolves around a condition that most people have never heard about: strabismus.

Or, in lay terms, crooked eyes!

This is when the muscles that surround your eyes contract in an uneven fashion. Where one side pulls harder than another, the eye gets pulled off-center, causing a ‘crooked’ gaze. Aside from a level of discomfort and visual difficulties, it can also lead people to feel self-conscious about their appearance.

Thankfully, though, Botox can help. By injecting it into the surrounding muscles, they relax the affected area and straighten the eye as a result.

  1. It Stops You From Sweating

There’s nothing worse than being a heavy sweater.

No amount of antiperspirant makes a difference. Try as you might, the sweat pours from your body’s pores throughout the day. Head, back, pits, and feet—it’s all the same.

For many people who suffer in this way, excessive sweating can be a source of significant shame and embarrassment. They feel self-conscious and go to great lengths to hide the situation.

The irony is that the stress that sweat creates can exacerbate the initial issue. Sweat leads to stress, which leads to more sweat! But did you know that Botox could provide an effective solution?

One treatment from the BOTOX injection specialists at Lasky Aesthetics, for example, can stop the sweat glands in their tracks. Those sweaty symptoms can be kept in check for months.

  1. It Benefits Your (Overactive) Bladder

Overactive bladders are another source of significant distress for many people. The condition occurs when your bladder contracts too often and without warning.

Needless to say, it isn’t pleasant. You feel the need to urinate all the time and sometimes with frightening urgency. In some instances, overactive bladders even lead to urinary incontinence.

Once again, having Botox administered (this time by a urologist) could help.

The muscles around your bladder involved should remain more relaxed after the treatment. The result? Your symptoms should reduce and the chance of having an accident reduces.

  1. It Mitigates Migraines

Anybody who gets migraines knows how debilitating they can be.

It starts with a searing pain in the skull. Some people are literally blinded by pain. Many feel sick to their stomach, while others have to sit in a darkened room to keep it in check.

Even worse, no ordinary pain medication touches it. You do what you can to make yourself comfortable. But, more often than not, you’re left to wallow in agony while you wait for the migraine to subside.

However, there’s anecdotal evidence to say that Botox can make a difference.

This might be because it relaxes your muscles, thereby reducing tension headaches. It may also interfere with nerves that would usually deliver pain signals to your brain. Either way, as bizarre as it may sound, something about Botox can prove effective against migraines.

  1. It Can Beat Bell’s Palsy

People with Bell’s Palsy suffer the sudden onset of weakness in their facial muscles. Temporarily paralyzed, one side of their face falls/droops.

The keyword there is “temporary.” Thankfully, though the cause of this condition is largely unknown, it usually rectifies itself in time.

Until that time, though, Bell’s palsy can be a cause of significant distress. After all, it’s not every day that your face sags on one side for no apparent reason! It’s understandable that people seek to mitigate their symptoms.

Some people turn to Botox for that purpose. Administering it to certain areas of the face can restore its original appearance. You’ll regain a sense of balance and feel less self-conscious until the condition disappears completely.

Enjoy the Benefits of Botox

Countless men and women around the country seek younger-looking skin each year. Rankled by their wrinkles and frustrated by their crow’s feet, they want something (anything) to rectify matters.

And where do many of them turn? Botox, of course!

This cosmetic treatment has been around for a while now, steadily gaining legions of loyal fans. As we’ve seen, though, there are many additional, and occasionally surprising, benefits of Botox to enjoy.

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