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Get out lady, you're wrecking your skin! Source: Getty

5 Things You Probably Never Knew About Having A Shower.

It’s a daily routine most of us wouldn’t dream of skipping – but that doesn’t mean we know what we’re doing!

It turns out there’s a multitude of mistakes ordinary bathers are making…

Think you’re showering correctly? Think again. Source: Getty

You use a loofah or bath puff

That puff is likely chock-a-block with bacteria. Source: Getty

Nothing like the well-scrubbed clean you get from a physical exfoliator, right? Wrong! Bath puffs harbour all kinds of bodily filth, starting from the first time you use them. Unless you’re boiling your puff after every single shower, you’re most probably working bacteria into your skin.

Your water’s too hot

If your bathroom’s steaming up, the water may be a tad too hot. Source: Getty

Excessively hot water – which is any water hotter than lukewarm – has a drying effect on your skin, stripping it of its natural oils and leaving it without this protective layer.

You’re showering too long

Get out lady, you’re wrecking your skin! Source: Getty

As with too-hot water, a long, luxurious shower is terrible for your skin’s acid mantle, leaving it vulnerable to dryness and even infection.

You dry off before you moisturise

Hope she didn’t wait too long to apply that cream. Source: Getty

Stop waiting until your skin is bone dry before slathering on the body lotion – if you do it while you’re still a little damp, the skin is less receptive to the emollients. Moisturising creams are locked in better if applied to already-moist skin.

You rub your skin with the towel

Sure, they look fluffy. But beware! Source: Getty

Never, ever rub the skin with your towel, as it can actually irritate it. Be kind and simply pat yourself dry instead.


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