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5 Simple Exercises to Reduce Neck Pain

Neck pain is a disturbing health issue that hampers daily routine harshly. Most often this problem is triggered by wrong sleeping position and poor posture. When the reason for neck pain is one of these, simple homely exercises can give relief. You won’t require any extra equipment to practice these workouts.

Most importantly, these simple exercises can strike on the underlying cause very effectively.

Here are few simple exercises to reduce neck pain and stiffness

As our whole body is a unite, neck pain is also associated with the whole body, not just neck. That’s why, some exercises mentioned here may seem irrelevant apparently, but they are really important and meaningful. All of them work as a whole. Let’s have a look at these exercises:

  1. Stagnant Back Exercise

This exercise is helpful to release your neck muscles and upper back. Consequently, you will feel relaxed in no time.

How to do

First, lie on the floor putting your legs on a chair and placing knees and hips at 90 degrees.

Then, place your arms at shoulder level or 45 degrees keeping your palms up.

Stay for 5-10 minutes in this position to relax your back fully.

  1. Static extension position

This exercise may seem irrelevant as you are to allow your head come forward in this exercise. Actually here you are to unlock your shoulder cord by allowing your head to hang and let your shoulder blade collapse together. Here you can also reposition your hips and spine.

How to do

First, start with keeping your wrists under shoulder and knees under hips.

Then put your hands out for about 6 inches distance and move your body forward so that the shoulders are right on your wrist.

Now your elbows should be locked out straight so that shoulder blades can collapse with each other. The most important thing in this exercise is letting your head to hang so that your neck may release here.

Relax your stomach and hold for 2 minutes in this position so that your elbows can’t bend.

  1. Static Wall

This very exercise is very helpful for releasing your neck and upper back. Here your lower leg muscles also involve.


How to do

First, lie down on the ground and move towards the wall and keep your legs straight up.

Then, pull back your feet and stiffen your thighs.

Make sure your feet are at a hip-width distance and pointing towards the wall.

Hold for 3 minutes like this and you are done.

  1. Sitting on the floor

The objective of this exercise is to activate the shoulder muscles and upper back with a view to aligning your shoulders and spine.

How to do

Sit on the floor and place your back up against the wall and feet at a hip-width distance.

Now, pull your arms together down, squeeze your thighs, and pull your toes back together.

That’s it.

  1. Frog

Frog exercise is very effective for soothing your groin and inner thighs. It will help your neck, jaw and upper back relax.

How to do

Lie on the ground and place your feet together keeping the knees separate.

Make sure your palms are up on the ground at 45 degrees angle to your body.

Hold this position for 2 minutes and relax. Your lower back will arch off the ground and this is the key point of the exercise.

This simple exercise allows feeling great.

If you practice these exercises properly, you will definitely overcome the troublesome neck pain to a great extent. If you feel any discomfort, stop the exercise immediately and consult a physician or you can buy a massager.

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