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4 Reasons Chefs and Healthcare Professionals Love Clogs

Have you ever noticed how several nurses and doctors wear clogs during their shift? If you are someone who happens to be very observant, you might have noticed clogs being worn even by chefs and kitchen staff.

Their distinct choice of footwear has a lot to do with the comfort and benefits that clogs can provide. Some of the most popular brands for high-quality clogs, such as Birkenstock know fairly well how professionals working in high-demand environments require comfortable and easy-to-wear shoes. Working in a restaurant, clinic, or hospital can be very tiring and strenuous.

Imagine standing and walking all day with very little time to sit and rest your feet. Surely, if you happen to wear the wrong pair of shoes, you can expect extreme discomfort during your shift. Worse, the pain can last even after your shift is over.

Clogs are an exception. This type of footwear is designed to provide long-lasting comfort for the person wearing it. It is said to originate in Europe and was initially made of wood. It contains a thick sole and is supported by low heels.

The reason behind the popularity of clogs among healthcare and foodservice professionals is it underscores the four important aspects that contribute to the efficiency of their work:

  • Comfort
  • Safety
  • Durability
  • Long-term health benefits


Since clogs have small heels, it does not add excess strain or pressure on the soles of the wearer’s feet. That said, it is ideal to be worn for hours, even with constant standing and walking. It also does not leave blisters, compared to wearing stilettos and platform shoes.


The job of a nurse, doctor, and foodservice crew entails certain risks. Nurses and doctors are regularly exposed to infectious diseases and viral infections. At times, they are also required to rush from one ward to another, depending on the number of emergency cases that they need to take care of in a day. Similarly, chefs and kitchen crew work closely with sharp knives and flammable objects like stoves and gas. A small mistake in any of the said professions can lead to a serious injury. Clogs are designed to provide ample protection for the feet. Clogs are also easy to wear. Its slip-on design limits the need for the hands to come into contact with the feet, thereby maintaining sanitation at all times.


Most clogs are manufactured using tough-grade material. It also contains thick soles that make it resilient against pressure and constant wearing. Unlike rubber shoes and slippers, walking around in clogs all day will not leave wearers worried about breaking the heels of their shoes or having the soles open up.

Long-term health benefits:

Regular shoes with laces tend to constrict the blood vessels, especially when tied around the feet too tightly. Shoes with higher heels also constrict blood flow and affect the spine. In contrast, wearing clogs offers long-term support without leaving any negative effects on the back and the spine. At the same time, clogs help promote better blood circulation in the feet and legs. Birkenstock has a selection of leather clogs with a soft footbed for maximum comfort and ease of movement.

Believe it or not, the right choice of footwear can save your life. Sometimes, it is better to choose comfort over aesthetics if it means promoting better posture and coming home with relaxed and blister-free feet!


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