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Halloween Makeup Tips: Student Using Only the Contents of Her Make-up Bag

These are the amazingly gruesome and realistic injuries a student has created using make-up she already has in her cosmetics bag.

Farah Fakih, 19, from Dubai was inspired by her love of gory films and started experiment with bronzer, blusher and smoky eye shadows in her bedroom at her parents’ home.

Her transformation from a pretty teenager into a freaky zombie, using just simple wash-bag items, has meant Farah – a budding geneticist and university student – is now considering a career in special effects.

‘I started teaching myself a year ago after watching lots of horror films,’ Farah, who lives in Dubai, said. ‘I love gruesome movies, but always thought, ‘I wonder how they did that.’ So, after looking at tutorials on YouTube, I just dug around in my make-up bag and had a go.’


Farah’s exposed bone look is not one for the faint-hearted. She created it with cotton bud sticks, home-made scar wax and fake blood

Farah’s ‘pulled skin’ look. She uses homemade wax, made from Vaseline, corn flour and foundation to create the illusion of skin 

Farah Fakih, 19, from Dubai creates amazingly realistic gorey make-up effects using products she already has in her cosmetics bag

The first ‘wound’ she inflicted on herself, a gash on her arm, was shared by a friend on Twitter and met with shock from others.

‘People were saying, ‘Oh wow that’s amazing,’ and some even thought it was real. I couldn’t believe it was the first time I’d tried it and it was so realistic,’ Farah explained.


‘But I didn’t have access to many special effects products, the professional stuff, because they didn’t seem to sell them around Dubai and it’s really expensive, so I just used the ordinary beauty counter make-up I already had.’

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For bruising, Farah started using the blusher and eye shadows she applied for parties – applying foundation in a way which enabled her to merge the wounds. Then, a homemade wax, made from Vaseline, corn flour and foundation, created the illusion of skin.

Farah finds it hard to get her hands on special effects products in Dubai, so she relies on normal cosmetics from the beauty counter to create her gruesome looks 

The aspiring special effects artist preformed a ‘removed finger look’ on her friend 

‘The first time I showed my mum and dad, Enan and Hussein, they were really freaked out,’ she said.

‘I’d made half my face look like it had been really badly burnt or infected and they were really shocked, asking me why I was doing it.

‘But I like to be creative. It is an unusual hobby, but I see it as art.’

For a hand with exposed blood and bones, Farah used cotton bud sticks, home-made scar wax and fake blood.

A tortured look Farah painted on her brother’s back. To create bruising, Farah uses the same blusher and eye shadows she applies for parties

Farah’s fused finger look no doubt comes in handy for celebrating Halloween 

She often gets requests from friends to create gorey looking cuts for them (left). A painful-looking torn cuticle effect (right)

Farah also posts tutorials on her Instagram. This is one shows how to create the illusion of a knife going through a finger

A bullet hole Farah painted on her brother’s arm, with surrounding bruising 

She also created a man’s back, covered in cuts and gashes, using the same items and for the gruesome image of her finger being amputated she used a plastic knife, baby powder to take away the shine and the all-important fake blood.

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It costs around £35 a month to maintain Farah’s make-up supply for the looks.

‘I started posting my pictures on Instagram, and the reaction has been crazy,’ Farah, who usually only wears lipstick, said.

 ‘People are asking me to do more. They put in special requests, like the gory cuts on my arms, and ask how to replicate what I’ve done. It’s unbelievable really.’

A horror movie-worthy scar created by Farah using make-up and fake blood 

Farah has been doing gorey make-up looks for around a year

Farah used a patchwork effect to create a Frankenstein-style hand 

Farah’s gorey interpretation of someone who is recovering from cosmetic surgery 

Farah, who spends hours at a time in her bedroom perfecting the macabre make-up creations, says she has also had some unexpected reactions to her work.

‘I was just finishing off a crazy clown on myself when a friend called and asked me to pick them up from the mall,’ she laughed. 

‘Thinking nothing of it, I got in the car and drove down there – not thinking about how strange I looked. 

Of course, Farah’s skills come in handy for fancy dress parties. Here, she shows off her scary zombie look 

The talented make-up artist shows off her scarred face look 

The  biotechnology student makes an amazingly convincing scary clown 

‘I had no idea why people were looking at me so strangely at the traffic lights, until I looked in the mirror when I stopped and just burst out laughing.’

Currently studying biotechnology at the University of Sharjah, Farah says she would be open to a career diversion into special effects if her Instagram page keeps getting traction.

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‘If the opportunity came up I would definitely take it, even just for a short time,’ she said.


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