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A Guide to Buying Gemstone Rings

Gemstone jewelry really is so beautiful, but it’s also incredibly durable, secure and it can even carry the energy of the places or materials that it’s crafted from! Not bad for a statement ring, hey? If you’re just starting your collection of gemstone jewelry or you’ve already got a shimmering curation of colorful treasures and you’re looking to expand, there are a few things to look out for when shopping for your gemstone pieces. Follow this gemstone ring buying guide to source the very best items for you…

Gemstone Grading  

Gemstones are graded in a similar fashion to diamonds, however, it is the color that makes the most impact and that determines quality instead of the cut. Grading simply means finding the best quality piece, which means watching out for different variables including…


Color is the most significant and important factor when shopping for gemstone jewelry. You’re buying the piece for the stone, after all! Gemstones get their beauty, personality and originality from their color, which is affected by three determinants:

Hue: Your stone’s hue is it’s predominant color plus any extra hints of other colors that might sparkle within the gem.

Tone: Tone talks about the depth, or the lightness and darkness, within the stone. Tones can range from very dark to incredibly light. This makes such a huge impact on the overall look and richness of the stone, both ends of the spectrum can be absolutely breathtaking.

Saturation: This refers to the intensity or purity of the color in your gemstone.

Color creates the mood for gemstone jewelry, and although there are many variants it’s usually best to pick what you deem as the most beautiful! Light, dark, rich, soft, multi-colored or pure, whatever captures your imagination is going to be right for you!

Stone Clarity  

Your gemstone’s clarity affects how the light shifts and moves within the dimensions of the stone. If you’ve gone for a rich, opaque tone then this doesn’t necessarily apply. Stones with internal inclusions will interrupt the light passage and create dimensional movement. This variance and movement within the shape is what makes gemstones so brilliantly unique and mesmerising to look at, so once again it’s best to opt for the stone that captures the right kind of light for you and your personal taste!

Cut and Shape  

The cut and shape of the gemstone on your ring will affect the overall color and clarity. Stones are cut to create the most intriguing and unique pieces possible, with each one shaped differently to produce truly individual one off treasures. Particular types of stone are suited to particular types of cut! Raw, organic materials all come with their own traits and therefore shine best when they are treated as the individualistic and magical pieces that they are. This is why it is so important to shop for handcrafted, mindfully manufactured gemstones instead of falling for cheaper, low quality options.


The size in which you choose for your gemstone jewelry really depends on your personal taste. Larger items are statement by default, channeling a bohemian, rustic look and packing a punch in the style department with just the one piece. Daintier gemstones are perfect for those who prefer a more minimalist aesthetic. Smaller stones are also fantastic for layering with other jewels and chains. Choose according to personal preference!

Factor in all of these different variables to find yourself a stunning vibrant gemstone ring that you’ll treasure for many years to come! Start exploring the big beautiful world of gemstone jewelry to get started now.


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