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Girl explains ‘hidden messages’ on Snapchat and what she really means

Have you ever uploaded a selfie to your Snapchat story with a caption that may be a little untrue?

For instance, perhaps you took a photo of yourself all snuggled up in a dressing gown with the caption ‘Cold’, when what you really want to say is ‘Can someone PLEASE come and give me a cuddle?’

If the above sounds anything like you, you’re not alone – and one blogger who knows this far too well is Holly Carpenter, who wrote a hilarious blog piece called ‘What she’s really saying on Snapchat’.

In the blog, Holly shared a series of Snapchat selfies with various captions. While her first captioned photo suggested what the photo might say, the second suggests what the selfie is actually trying to say.

Explaining her work, Holly wrote: ‘Although this app can play a part in the end of a relationship, I have also heard of many love stories begin with “Well he added me on Snapchat…” Girls can be very calculated and mischievous with their snaps though, so you must learn how to read between the lines…’

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