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Gigi Hadid Wears Really Short Shorts (and Nothing Else)

In honor of Gigi Hadid’s one year anniversary of her first French Vogue cover and her nude spread for the magazine, here’s a new picture of Hadid nude. This time, for LOVE magazine.


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The English publication posted a photo on Instagram from one of the upcoming issue’s inside editorials. It features a topless Hadid comfortably cupping her chest so as not to expose too much. She’s only wearing a pair of metallic Marc Jacobs hotpants from the designer’s Spring ‘17 collection. Hadid actually walked in that runway show but not wearing the shorts.

The only other item in the photo was a personalized phone case hanging from her neck with the letters GH on the back. Her makeup is super natural, with only eyeliner and shadow obvious.

The model wore her hair flipped over to one side in rough, messy, wild curls, a la 1990s Cindy Crawford, or Zendaya doing 1990s Cindy Crawford.


A photo posted by Gigi Hadid (@gigihadid) on

Hadid posed similarly for French Vogue cover last year. The only difference is much heavier makeup for the French Vogue cover, oh, and she’s completely unclothed — no shorts. Other than that, the shots and poses are eerily alike. Her LOVE Magazine photo was shared almost exactly a year after she shared her nude French Vogue shoot. It’s a tradition! Happy nude-iversary, Gigi!

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