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Getting Control of High Blood Pressure

For a while, I really let my high blood pressure get the best of me and it completely took over my life. Even with medication, I wasn’t doing what I needed to take care of myself. I was not feeling well on a day to day basis and it certainly wasn’t the best for my physical or mental health.

I took it upon myself to get better about my health this year, and already just a few months in, I feel much better. Once you start staying on top of your hypertension, you’ll instantly see and feel the changes.

Understanding High Blood Pressure

As part of getting control of my high blood pressure, I started reading all about high blood pressure, such as its causes and the different types of hypertension. I have essential hypertension, which is one of the most common types, and though the cause is unknown, risk factors like stress, poor diet and lack of exercise do contribute. Of course, I had heard some of these things during my blood pressure screening appointments and when I was given a high blood pressure overview at the time of my diagnosis, but researching and relearning the information seemed to help motivate me to take the steps I needed to get better.

Learn More about Hypertension Treatment

As part of my research, I also looked into the different kinds of hypertension treatment. I was already on high blood pressure medication from my doctor such as a diuretic and beta-blocker, but I found out about other medications or some other natural supplements I could ask my doctor about at my next visit. I learned so much more about what it takes to get healthy with hypertension, including some blood pressure guidelines for when levels are too high and techniques you can do to lower it fast. There are some pretty unusual ways to lower blood pressure, but I was surprised to find that some of them actually work pretty well. In fact, I recently came across this list with some helpful apps for tracking and treating hypertension.

Apps to Stay on Top of High Blood Pressure

This list lead my to a great meditation app called Headspace that I’ve been using during episodes of high blood pressure, and it’s worked wonders to calm me down during especially stressful times.

Lower Blood Pressure with Exercise

I made it a big priority to focus on exercising more this year, since that was something I hadn’t put enough emphasis on in the past. There are actually so many easy exercises you can do to lower blood pressure, and I’ve been starting my days lately with morning yoga exercises or just walking around the neighborhood. Apps have been a pretty big help for finding safe exercise programs to do with high blood pressure and have helped me steer clear of the more vigorous exercises to avoid. I’m happy to say that I’ve actually lost some weight, and I feel so much healthier and in control of my hypertension.


If you’ve been thinking about taking control of your health but have been unsure of where and how to start, my advice to you is just to jump in and start right now. With the right research and tools, you can keep your blood pressure in control and live a much happier life.





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