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‘Garden eyebrows’ are spring’s weirdest brow trend

Spring brow trends are here, with makeup lovers (and pets) trying out what is arguably the most bizarre beauty look to hit social media this year: garden eyebrows.

Beauty vlogger Taylor R. has been known to post some wild looks on Instagram (Hello, nose hair extensions), and now she’s capturing everyone’s attention again with a video that shows her creating garden-inspired eyebrows.

Taylor begins by clumping her brows together with wax to give them the texture of grass. Then, she brushes green lipstick on her eyebrows, and uses tweezers and eyelash glue to stick tiny flowers on them. The final result mimics the look of a vibrant garden or two facial flower crowns. It’s definitely worth trying if you are heading to Coachella.  

Once Taylor posted the look on Instagram, she posed the question, “Looking for a fresh new look? Make Spring Come early this year with #GardenEyeBrows. Yes or no?” Followers had different reactions. One person replied, “Looks like something you would see in a high fashion magazine so pretty!” Another had a total opposite reaction and sternly wrote, “NO, JUST NO!” Since she posted the look, the Toronto-based vlogger’s photo has received more than 30,000 likes, with many people — and even puppy owners — trying their hand at garden eyebrows.


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This isn’t the first bizarre eyebrow trend to go viral, and you can bet it won’t be the last. To see the looks — from fishtails to high heels — keep scrolling to see what else has been going on in the land of outlandish eyebrows. It’s actually quite fascinating — to say the least.


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