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French naked restaurant opens – and is going down a storm with diners

Coq au vin! Paris now has its very own nude restaurant for anyone willing to dine in the buff.

The establishment is not Europe’s first. In the summer of 2016, London’s Bunyadi pop-up opened to an unsurprising degree of hype. Reviews were mixed.

And in January this year, a nude restaurant arrived in Tenerife. The founder was inspired by London’s naturist dining.

Now, Paris – perhaps the most suitable of the three locations, given France’s openness and willingness to these things – has O’naturel, the brainchild of businessmen Mike and Stephane Saada.

Neither Mike nor Stephane are nudists themselves. Instead, the former insurance salesmen saw an opportunity. And why not?

O’naturel is open for dinner only and reservations are required. Diners are warned beforehand that the restaurant is a restaurant, and not somewhere to try to score. It’s billed as an evening locale for the more free flowing among us. Discreet lakes are too cold in winter.

“People only get to be nudists in the summer,” said Stephane, 42.

Unlike the Bunyadi, which was heavily themed, O’naturel’s decor is minimalist. The menu is classically French, with items such as lobster, foie gras, and snails in parsley cream sauce.

A three-course menu costs $57.50. A large white curtain over the windows shields guests from perverts. Or curious passersby.

Diners are asked to leave their clothes in a cloakroom, and are provided with slippers. Ladies – which make up just 40 per cent of the clinetele, shockingly – may keep their heels on. Oh la la.

Yves Leclerc, the president of the French Naturist Federation, said he was thrilled at the idea of being able to strip off for supper.

“We’re in the heart of Paris and we’re eating naked. It’s a little surreal,” he told the Mail.

“It’s like when we’re on holiday, but it’s even better. I have to put my clothes on to go to a restaurant.”

There are also naked restaurants in Tokyo, Japan, and Melbourne in Australia




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