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Five Ways to Make Your Eyes Look Bigger and Bigger!

I had so much fun at the Make Up For Ever event I hosted last week, but I couldn’t believe how many of the same questions I was getting! One of the biggest questions women kept asking was how can I make my small eyes look bigger? Well, it really isn’t too hard to do that, and it’s actually pretty surprising how easy it can be with just a touch of makeup! Here are some quick tips to make your eyes look bigger that I LOVE! If you guys want to see more on this in a tutorial, let me know! Xx

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Wear Light Liner!

I’ve always loved wearing a lighter liner in my waterline, since I love big eyes, BUT sometimes white liner can be too doll-like! Sometimes I’ll opt for a beige liner or even a gold or silver and it looks beautiful!


Lashes, Lashes, Lashes!

Lashes are SUCH a great way to make your eyes pop! If you don’t believe me, just apply some mascara to your top and bottom lashes! You get instant results that make your eyes look bigger, and lashes can take this a bit further. With an amount eyeliner and false lashes, you get super big eyes!

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It’s soooo important to highlight the inner corner of your eyes if you want big eyes! It just brings attention to your eyes, makes them look soft, and also opens your eyes!


Add Concealer!

This was a great trick that my makeup teacher taught me years ago! Just add a dot of a concealer stick/pencil to the inner and outer corners of the eye, this makes your eyes appear longer and also bigger overall! Such an easy tip that really makes a difference!

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Colored Contacts

I know a lot of people don’t like colored contacts, so this tip won’t be for everyone, but I’ve always loved them! I actually used to wear them all the time in High School, then stopped when I met my husband, since he doesn’t fancy them. I wear them now because I really do like them and they make my eyes look bigger and make makeup look softer, so it’s a personal thing. It’s a great way to open up your eyes and if you don’t want to change the color too much, you can always find some contacts that are similar to your eye color, that only enhance them, making them look bigger!

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