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How to Find a Pair of Perfect-Fitting Safety Glasses

Eye injuries have become a growing concern. A recent report in Australia claimed that over 86,000 individuals seek emergency medical attention due to an eye injury from 2013 to 2015. A significant percentage of these injuries happen at work, while others injure their eyes during sports.

Experts believe that at least 90% of all injuries to the eyes are preventable by wearing safety glasses. It can protect the eyes from any small debris, glass shards, water, and chemicals. Users only have to find a high-quality pair of safety glasses to get optimum protection. They should also find the right pair for the activities they intend to do while wearing the protective gear. According to the manufacturers of Bolle safety glasses, a good pair of protective glasses must provide safety for anyone working for industries like mining, agriculture, manufacturing, health care, military, automotive, and law enforcement. It also helps if the design of the safety glasses is pleasant to wear.

However, simply wearing safety glasses is not enough to protect the eyes if it is not worn properly. It must also fit the person’s head and face perfectly to provide the right amount of protection. If you are planning to buy a new pair of safety glasses, here is a fit guide that could help you find the right one to provide the best protection for your eyes.


When buying a safety glasses pair, you need to try it out first before paying at the cashier. It should feel no discomfort on the pressure points behind your ears or at the side of your head when wearing the protective eyewear. You must also feel comfortable with the nose piece, which should have a snug contact with your nose without pinching it. Also, you must see everything around you without any obstruction.

Proper Fit

The entire weight of the safety eyewear must be distributed evenly between the ears and the nose. It will allow the eyewear’s frames to fit snugly in your face without distracting you from doing your usual tasks. The frames must also have a suitable distance to your face, but it should avoid hitting your eyelashes. As much as possible, the space between your face and the frames must be less than the width of the pencil or the gap must be at least six to eight millimetres.

Aside from finding the most suitable fit of protective eyewear, you also need to check if the pair of safety glasses that you want to buy complies with the industry safety standards. For example, all Bolle safety glasses meet the requirements under the Australian Safety Standard AS/NZS 1337.1 for all non-prescription eyewear and face protection devices. It can assure you that you are getting the best protection needed by your face and the eyes against the usual occupational hazards.

It would also help if you bought safety glasses that went through a series of tests to ensure the effectiveness of the product. It must pass the high mass impact test to prove its strength. It must also pass the durability test to know if it can withstand the flames and corrosion, as well as a high-velocity impact test.

Investing in high-quality safety glasses is a must if you want to avoid any eye injuries. So always make sure that you evaluate the product properly before deciding to get one and wearing it for work. As much as possible, you must only get a pair of safety glasses from reliable stores.


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