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Is it worth buying organic fabric clothing?

The demand for various organic products has never been higher. Everyone is trying to lead a healthier lifestyle, despite the need to pay extra money for it. But although we do not hesitate to buy organic food, the situation is quite different when it comes to organic fabric and clothing. A lot of us tend to forget, that food is not the only victim preservatives and chemicals. If we try to live a healthy lifestyle, do clothes really have a significant impact? Is it worth buying organic fabric clothing?


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Bamboo is a fabric everyone should have in their wardrobe. Made from the pulp of bamboo tree, this natural organic fabric. Even the plant itself rarely needs any chemical input for stable growth, so it is very easy to maintain and grow. Bamboo fabric is well known for its antibacterial properties and breathability – perfect for uncomfortably hot, humid weather conditions.

However, then buying bamboo fabric clothing, there are some variations of the fabric, which should be closely examined before making any purchases. In some instances, toxic chemicals are used to turn a bamboo plant into a fabric. To tell the difference, be sure to check the labeling of a desirable piece of clothing. If bamboo fabric clothing is not fully organic, it should be labeled as bamboo-based rayon. Clothes made from organic bamboo have many health benefits, which help your body to breathe and stay as comfortable as possible. That is why organic bamboo clothes definitely deserve a place in your wardrobe.

Cotton versus Organic Cotton

A world’s most popular fiber is cotton, but its production is known as an extremely polluting process. More than a quarter of worlds pesticides are used to produce cotton. The main differences between cotton and organic cotton are the growth conditions. Less intervening with nature ensures a more natural, organic growth and most importantly – great increase in quality of the fabric. Organic cotton is a cheaper fabric than its other, organic counterparts, but it is still a great hypoallergenic fabric. Thanks to the low price, health benefits and the availability of the fabric, organic cotton is a tremendous choice for everyone.

Organic Linen

Organic linen might be a slightly more expensive choice, but the praise it receives is well deserved. Made from organically grown flax fibers, clothes from linen fabric are famous for their durability, breathability, versatility and most importantly – great hypoallergenic abilities. This organic material is great at dealing with bacteria. Because of that, not only linen clothes but also linen bedding is finding its way into our homes. Linen offers us great, consistent airflow and does not allow moisture to build up. Needless to say, these benefits not only help you fight the bacteria but also play a major role in keeping you comfortable in the most unbearable weather conditions. Linen clothes might be a bit more expensive than other organic materials, but by choosing organic linen, you will be able to pick between the great variety of healthy, breathable, thermoregulating clothes.


When it comes to organic fabric clothing, hemp might not be as widely known as other materials, but it definitely should be. The plant itself needs no fertilizer or pesticides, so the growing process has the least impact on mother nature. Production of fibers is a relatively harmless process and hemp clothing is known to be very durable and comfortable. By taking care of this hypoallergenic material, you will be able to wear your organic clothes for years without losing any of its comforts. Hemp clothing is especially recommended for people with allergies and/or chemical sensitivities, so when it comes to benefits of organic fabric, choosing this kind of clothing would be a very wise choice.