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You Will Like To Try Real Flower Dresses For Wedding Party or Special Day

When a bride goes to the boutique for selecting a bridal dress for the special day and demands the designer to add some flowers into the design, guess what’s the answer she gets? The designer tells that she doesn’t need to have extra flowers, especially fresh ones, to be added in the design as their brand always craft artificial ones to meet with such expected demands of the brides. Nothing can replace the aroma as well as aura that the fresh flowers have got- not even those carbon flowers made by talented people in creativity because they are no more than an artwork that is combined with the bridal dress just to make it more discreet.

Though the design of the dress completely depends on the nature of the event, in particularly the location the wedding because the entire theme is tapered accordingly, from interior to exterior decoration to displays and curtains. The bridal dress usually has to match with the wedding theme for the sake of harmony and fashion. However, if the wedding event has been set out to be held on a beach or in a garden, the bride is all within her right to wear a dress made of real flowers. Real flowers dresses are something that get more attention than typical white wedding outfits we have been seeing around, almost in all wedding events.  The white shade is a kind of bridal dress signature shade that passes from generation to generation even now sometimes it looks shabby and out of fashion.  So I guess it’s the time to make a change, not just for yourself but also for everyone who think that traditions should be revived even if they are stale and boring.  Wear a real flower dress on your wedding day to bring a revolution in the ordinary thoughts of the people, who don’t understand how important it is to bring forward new fashion into a wedding event.

There are many good fashion designers who are already working on the idea of introducing real flower dresses to the brides and there is no surprise that some of the brides are seen more fashion forward these days that they don’t even care about their traditions, they show up in a completely floral dress despite of white being their traditional wedding color.  I don’t despise the  white wedding dresses but I don’t like the way all brides pursue the ‘old fashion old’  blindly without assuring if it will suit their complexion or not.

Real flower dresses are a good alternatives of traditional wedding dresses for so many reasons. The first reason is their beauty; they are designed with fresh flowers, petals, sepals and sometimes leaves- the combination of all natural herbs and shrubs make them elegant to wear. The second reason why real flower dresses are better than normal wedding dresses are because they are colorful, you don’t have to wear the typical style in white when there are some colors to be used on the wedding day.


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