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How to Wear Crop Tops

Crop tops are great! They are fun and stylish to wear and they can flatter the body, the key to rocking crop tops perfectly is finding your desired length and fit. Some ladies will avoid crop top because they are not sure of how to wear them, this article will guide you in detailed steps on different ways you can wear crop tops. Let’s begin!

  1. pair crop tops with clothes that fit

Wear tight crop tops with a looser pair of shorts and skirts, you will look nice and free.

You can also wear tight crop tops with a tight skirt and trousers if you plan to go for a night out. Whichever suits you, your choice rules!

2. Loose crop top

While some prefer a tight crop top, some will rather buy a loose crop top. You can pair a loose crop top with  high waisted short for a flirty look. The loose crop top flares over the tummy while the short brings out the shape of your waist. This is indeed an enticing look!

3. Sweatshirt crop top

For colder months of the year, a long sleeve sweatshirt crop top is a perfect choice, you can pair it with a high waisted jean for a flattering look. In this way, you can keep warm and still stay classy

4. Short crop top and overall

Wear a short crop top under an overall. Unbutton the side of the overall to reveal some skin. This will create a look that is modest and fun. It won’t be easy to tell from the front that you wore a crop top

5. Heels or wedges

Use heels or wedges to complement your crop top. This makes you look classy for a party

Ensure you use a nude or matching shoe

6. Blazers and crop top

Wear a blazer or jacket to cover up your crop top. This is perfect for a fashionable look and colder weather.

7. Use Accessories

Step up your crop top wear with heels and accessories. Crop tops look casual so you can use your earrings, bags, shoes to make the outfit look classy.

Ensure you are modest with accessories for a simple and classy look

Rules for wearing crop tops

  • Do not show too much of your skin, over exposure can ruin the style
  • Always match your crop top with high waisted skirt or short
  • When you wear a crop top in public, do not pull the length down every time, always wear the style with confidence
  • Always choose quality fabrics and quality product to look elegant, you will get quality crop tops here
  • Do not wear crop tops to office unless you are covering it completely up with a jacket
  • Buy crop top that you can afford. You do not need to break the bank to get crop tops, there are affordable ones here
  • Keep things simple! In adding accessories to your outfit, ensure it is modest and elegant

With these tips, you can rock your crop tops perfectly and in grand style






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