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Vintage Football sportswear

Cristiano Ronaldo, who has not yet been officially introduced to Turin’s Juventus, is already making money for the club. More than half a million football shirts have reportedly been sold in the first day. It is announced that in just one day a total of 520 thousand.

A t-shirt marked with the seventh number, on which the name of C. Ronald is decorated. For fans, some t-shirts cost cheaply. If they want to buy their replica, they have to pay almost 50 euros for it. An original t-shirt costs just over € 100.

About 20 thousand T-shirts were sold in official Juventus stores, while another 500 thousand football t-shirts are reserved in online stores. This means that already on the first day, Juventus earned at least 26 million for its new leader. The revenue could reach up to 54 million euros. Juventus paid 100 million euros for Ronald’s move from Madrid to Real. Portugal will sign a four-year contract with Italian champions to earn € 120 million euros.


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