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The changing looks of Kylie Jenner

Kylie Jenner is only 18, but since she’s a satellite Kardashian with endless disposable income and army of sisters and stylists within reach at all times, she has already cycled through dozens of looks. Like several dozen looks. Jenner has rocked multiple hair colors courtesy of a variety of wigs and extensions, and she’s admitted to getting injections in her lips. It also seems like her perfect, large, and very round breasts are not the ones she was born with. Let’s have a look at the drastically changing looks of teenage reality star Kylie Jenner.

Blue Hair, Don’t Care


The teen has rocked teal blue hair on multiple occasions, admitting that her mother Kris Jenner was not a fan of the shade, which was all the more reason for her to keep the color. She is a rebellious teenager after all…

Pastel, Powder Blue Hair


Jenner also made a pitstop at powder blue hair in the summer of 2015. Only she could pull of a hair color that matched a robin’s egg.


It’s Not Easy Being Green


The trendsetting style star also rocked super long mermaid hair. It was sea foam green.

Lip Slip


Jenner’s inflated pout has been a hot topic of 2015. Her lips were crazy exaggerated, in terms of size, and they were always perfectly painted with matte, nude lipstick. She eventually admitted on an episode of Keeping Up With The Kardashians that she got injectible fillers and that her lips were not solely the work of nature, lip liner, lipstick, and her hands (aka genes), product, and skill. Her big sister Khloe Kardashian admitted in her Complex cover story that Jenner was self-conscious about having thin lips and often covered them with her hands in photos. So getting a trout pout was something she needed to do to make herself feel better about her looks.

Golden Girl


The Kardashians are known for their dark hair, with Kylie usually rocking thick, jet black locks. She shocked the world when she went with a golden blonde hair hue. It was the work of a wig, but it was still cray cray to see her ditch her usual and familiar dark strands.

The Eyes Have It


Jenner has been known to change up her eye color, too! Yes, her eye color. Not because she had any dangerous eye-lightening procedure—yes, those actually exist, and rapper T.I’.s wife Tiny had it done—but because she has worn colored contacts. She donned a pair of gray contacts and it was a sharp contrast against to her dark hair. It was totally and markedly different than her usual brown-eyed girl stare.

Short Hair, Don’t Care


Jenner’s natural hair appears to be shoulder length and dark, but she is often rocking down-to-there, super long locks. She is not afraid to go with wigs or extensions, even though she has the benefit of young, natural, and healthy hair on her side.



Most teenagers are experimenting with makeup and just learning the tricks of the trade as they develop their looks and practice with products. Jenner is already full-on with her makeup skills, revealing in a recent video that she uses dozens of products and spends a lot of time crafting the look you see on her Instagram, Twitter, and app. It’s exhausting.


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