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Perfect Every Day Outfit Ideas For Short Women

Being short, we all feel a bit insecure from time to time. Our height might not bother others but it defiantly bothers us and makes us uncomfortable in our own skin. So, if you think that you are the only one who feels this way then you are not alone. Everyone out there feels insecure about their body from time to time.

The best way to get past it is to accept it because you are the only one who finds it insecure. Your friends and loved ones love you the way you are. But we understand that feeling insecure can be a bit daunting so the best way to get past is to upgrade your wardrobe to highlight your appealing parts.

Must Have Clothing Items For Short Women

Don’t know where to start? Not to worry because today in this article we are going to be looking at some of the best outfit idea for short women. These trends are followed by bloggers, influencers and even the media individuals on a daily basis so why shouldn’t you adopt them as well. Here is a list of wardrobe items that are a must have for every short women out there.

1.      High-Waist Skinny Black Jeans

A basic must have item for your wardrobe is a pair of high-waist skinny black jeans. The thing about high-waist bottoms is that it defines your waist and when paired with short blouses or tops, it draws attention to your legs and makes them look a bit longer. Plus black jeans can go with everything so it is definitely a must have item for everyone whether short or tall.

2.      Crop Tops

Crop tops are the go-to outfit options for short women. When you think about crop-tops you might think of rebellious teenage girls but you will be surprised to find out how many mature women out there also wear cropped blouses with high-waist bottoms to give off a longer-legs look. You can pair it with sneakers or high-heels, it on you as both the shoes options would look perfect.

3.      Skater Dress

The motive of every clothing item is to highlight your natural assets and drawn attention towards them while withdrawing the attention from the less appealing assets. For a short women, the highlight feature is their short skinny waist in most cases. So, a skater dress would be the best suited option for you here as it hugs your waist and defines it completely while adding an extra-long appearance to your legs.

4.      Short Flared Skirt

The goal with skirts is to make your legs look extra-long and lanky. A maxi skirt would kill off your vibe which is why in order to highlight your legs you want to go with something that is short and flared. A short flared skirt is the best go-to option for you. Not only will it highlight your waist line but will also add a bit of buff at your thighs and makes your legs look a bit longer. The more flared your skirt is, the longer your legs will seem.

5.      Jumpsuits

Jumpsuits for women are the best casual outfit idea which goes with all events. You can wear a jump suit for your everyday looks and at the same time also wear it to a casual party or even a wedding as well. Jumpsuits are available in different styles for different outfits. You can create multiple looks with just one jumpsuit at your disposal which makes it a must have item.

6.      Fitted Turtle Neck

The goal for all short women out there is to add a bit of length to their look using their outfits. Most people tend to go with high-waist bottoms but you can also go with turtle necks to highlight your neck and add the length there. A fitted turtle neck makes your neck look longer and defines your waist which also adds length to your appearance.

7.      Short Dress

The best thing about being short is that you can wear shorter clothing items without appearing revealing. Being short, helps you get away with shorter hems. Since you can enjoy this benefit thus the best way to dress up for a classy event or a party is to go with a short classy dress that hits your mid-thigh. When paired with heels, it will make you look much taller.

Final Words

It is very easy to create multiple looks with just a few pieces at your disposal. The right wardrobe items can help you get past your insecurities and stand out confidently in a crowd. To spice things up, you can always get some human hair wigs  and create different go-to looks with makeup to match your outfits.


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