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No More Super Short Skirts : The New Standard of Kawaii School Uniform

When you think of Japanese school girls’ uniform, super short skirts and navy knee length socks might come to your mind.

However, it seems it is not the reality any longer. The current trend is “short socks” and “longer skirt”.

In the 90’s, when Gyaru culture was trending, “loose socks” and “super short skirts” were huge trend and wearing them was considered as status of “cool” school girls. However, the situation has been changed over years . Here are the data of school girls’ seifuku trend taken in 2016. The data is from Furyu GIRLS’ TREND Kenkyujo resulting from interviews with around 200 girls.

Q. What kind of socks are trend now?

#1: short 44.2%
#2: randomly rolling 30.5%
#3: knee length 15.6%
#4: ankle length 5.8%
#5: threefold (short) 1.3%

Q. How long is your skirt length?

#1:knee-length 37.7%
#2:5cm more shorter than knee-length 29.9%
#3:0.1~5cm shorter than knee-length 21.4%
#4:0.1~5cm longer than knee-length 9.7%
#5:5cm more longer than knee-length 1.3%

Source : Furyu GIRLS‘ TREND Kenkyujo (http://fgri.furyu.jp/2016/08/5264.html)

In the past article about Seifuku, we mentioned that the length of school girls’ skirts is becoming longer. And now it is revealed as a fact.

How & Why Japanese School Girls Have Short Skirts?

Longer skirts (knee length) make you look more ladylike and like a polite girl. The image of super shorter skirts is “gyaru” style, which is becoming outdated. The shortness of the skirts are no longer matter for school girls. Times have changed.