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Indian Jewelry: Summer Trends For 2020

White sand, palm trees, mojitos … The sights and sounds of summer can be noticed inching closer. It’s time to find the ideal summer statement jewellery as the season heats up and summer travel plans materialise. The right pieces will be matched with your favourite beach frocks, cold daytime sets, and elegant evening looks.

After reading this article, you’ll find flexible, on-trend pieces to pack, whether you’re planning a lounge in Fiji or a sip of rosé in Montauk. The strongest one of all? They are cost-effective, so you can catch a couple of them!

Bold Cuffs

Flash an accent on your arm to keep things fun. With a playful yet elegant touch, bold cuffs are a trendy way to brighten up your look. Cuffs are particularly interesting because they mimic armour that you would need to fend off gossipy relatives.

Escapes Island

Heading for the dreamiest landscapes in the world? Try tropical hues, gleaming metallic highlights, and natural motifs from any online indian jewelry store that represent the beauty of nature. For an elevated look, combine these items with neutral clothing and natural makeup.

Irregular Necklace

More than just topping off an outfit, the correct necklace does: it spices up the neckline. With new concepts like the wrap necklace and lariat-style pendants, we love the notion of bringing the classic necklace one step further this year. The notion of combining minimalism with extravagance is also enjoyed by us.

Brunches from the Beach Club

The response is simple: wear something unforgettably chic if you’re rubbing elbows with movers and shakers at trendy brunch spots in the Hamptons. Experiment with modern abstract shapes and luxurious gold tones with statement pieces.

Lakshmi Haar

Lakshmi Haar style necklace is encrusted with gems, Lakshmi Haar’s centrepiece is beautifully designed engraving surrounded by peacocks or elephants, studded with stones, of the goddess Lakshmi.

The Lakshmi Haar design necklace is the kind of long silver necklace that is important in the Southern region’s religious ceremonies. The design collar of Lakshmi Haar has the designs of Goddess Lakshmi and Lord Ganesha on it.

Lakshmi Haar model Silver necklace is worn by the eldest lady of the house on auspicious occasions as the rituals of India. The Jewels Box (Gold & Diamonds) has a great Lakshmi Haar Silver Necklace design set.

Delicate Pendants

When it’s time to add some drama to your look, an on-trend pendant necklace is your go-to accent. Their length and silhouette, particularly when high or low necklines are involved, add instant elegance. Know, however you style it: it’s all about effects.

Ring of Cocktail

Sure, since 2014, cocktail rings have been around and can be seen on girls at parties and one can wear a very eye-catching one, particularly if the rest of the jewellery worn remains silent.

One of the reasons why Indian brides love cocktail rings may be because they subtly add glamour and the effect is more than eye-catching when worn on a delicately manicured wrist. The more complicated the style, the more memorable the ring is