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How to grow and maintain your beard faster like a pro

Beard was a historical symbol for centuries that represent power and sublimity. Nowadays, we can say that beard becomes a trend among young men who seek distinction and eminence. Cool guys and adults as well grow facial hair with its different types and styles that reflect a part of their personality.

After growing the beard, you have dreamt of for long time, and waited with patience to bring it up. You need to care for the thing you suffered to see it thick and long on your face. You may find that your beard lack something to look great like other guys. You already have a thick and full beard, but it does not look awesome like other bearded men. We will give you the secret tips on how to grow and maintain your beard at home like a pro.

Using beard-grooming products to care for your beard

When you seek for the best ways to care for your beard, you will find that there are different ways to do that work. Using natural oils, balms or wax will help you style and maintain your beard, exactly like the work you do for your hair. However, there is still other ways to assist your beard grow better, which help taming shaggy looking and unkempt hairs.

One of these ways is using a beard comb or brush to distribute natural oils and sebum of facial skin throughout your beard evenly. It can train those hairs to be in harmony with other parts of the beard. Furthermore, using scissors and trimmers will help in styling and managing your beard and moustache to look tidy.

Other products will keep your beard clean, such as beard wash, cleansing and conditioner. All these products and more you can find in one package to make your beard well groomed and clean.

Now, you need to know much about the best beard grooming kit that contains all what you need for beard care. When choosing your beard grooming kit, the package should contain basic items that will do the required work for your beard. Your kit should contain beard oil, beard balm or wax, shampoo or wash, conditioner, brush or comb.

You need beard oil inside your beard grooming kit

After a shower or even a deep wash of your beard, you will need to apply some drops of beard oil on a daily basis. When you have a shower, the pores of your facial skin will be open, and you may need some oils to replace the natural oils and sebum.

A hot shower will help your beard to absorb the oil thoroughly due to the open pores of your facial skin. As a result, the oil will make your skin moisturized and it will prevent any dryness.

Notice that dry skin can cause serious skin issues such as dandruff, crusts, beard hair breakage and loss. Your beard length and size will determine the amount of beard oil you need.

For most beard length, 2-3 drops of beard oil will be enough to give you better styling and moisturizing. While for long and thick beards, you may need up to 6 drops.

However, be sure that you distribute the oil evenly on all parts of the beard using your hands or with the help of a comb or brush.


Beard balm for styling and maintenance

In the past, bearded men was depending on just pure natural oils for styling and grooming their beards. Nowadays, they start to have some help of new products and formulas as beard balms that score better results.

This product is a pomade of some essential and carrier oils in addition to some minerals and vitamins works together to enhance and maintain your beard growth and health. This waxy formula can manage the shaggy looking of your beard and control these untidy hairs.

Use just a little amount of the beard balm after a wash or a shower to make styling an easy process. For normal beard length and size, a bean size amount of the balm will be enough; while for long beards, you will need a little bit more to control your beard.

Your beard balm will give you the required moisture and softness and it has a powerful effect on preventing dryness of beard hair and the skin underneath. In addition, it provides your beard with the essential oils that nourish and shine your beard.

Beard tools inside your kit

After you make sure that, your beard has the suitable formulas that will help in growth and cleaning. You may notice that your beard does not grow the way you want. As a result, to control your unkempt beard, you need the help of some tools that will give you the style and shape required. These tools can control your beard and guide it to the way you want. A beard brush, comb and trimmer are some important tools that your beard grooming kit should contain.

First, you can use your beard brush or comb to tame and train your beard to grow as a baby tree you guide. The best beard brush is made of boar bristles or horsehair. You need to use natural ingredients and avoid all synthetized or plastic fibers that may cause breakage and beard hair loss.

A brush made of boar bristles will guide your beard to grow the way you want. It also has a cleaning effect when it reach the deep ends of the skin. You can use it to remove dandruff and other crusts under beard.

As well as, a beard brush can massage the skin to increase blood flow, which will stimulate beard growth. On the other hand, a bead comb will do the same function, but it will not be useful during the first stages of beard growth.

The best beard comb should be made of natural wood, such as bamboo and pear wood. However, plastic and synthetized combs will not help your beard grow better.

Be sure that your beard grooming kit contains a scissor that you can use for trimming those unkempt hairs. A scissor will be perfect for shaping and trimming unwanted hairs, but it will not help in complete cutting off.

Finally, we can say that caring and maintain your beard growth is a serious work that you will need some help to fulfill. Using the best beard grooming kit will give you the opportunity to shape, style, clean and groom your growing beard the way you want.

Be sure, your beard kit contains a beard oil, balm, wash, shampoo and some basic tools as beard brush, comb and scissors. These products and tools are essential for any bearded man who wants a great well groomed beard.


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