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The greatest secrets to handle shopping from online boutiques

The truth is that online shopping is a great convenience, especially in the age we live in where almost everything is connected to the internet. When you cannot keep going outside all the time, this is a great way to get whatever you require, from clothes to food. Even though it is convenient though, it can become exhausting trying to navigate deals, because you can easily feel as though there is something you are probably missing out on.

However, the good news is that you can employ some clever ways to boost the positive results you get from your e-shopping experience on a boutique such as on Lily Lulu Fashion stores; it always goes back to strategic use of opportunities.

Using rebating apps

Even though it may sound strange at first, it is actually possible to get payments for shopping online – it fact, it is a very easy process. All you need to do is:

  • Sign up on a rebate site
  • You should then shop at affiliate stores of that site. There are plenty of them, even boutiques and the major fashion stores.
  • When you make purchases in these affiliate boutiques, you can earn as much as 20% cash on your buys
  • Wait for your checks in the mail, deposit them, and get back to shopping.

Search for offers – especially triple or double cash back

When you set up your account on a rebate site, you can browse through their section of ‘double cash backs’ or ‘triple cash backs’. When you decide to buy your clothes through the online boutiques offering these cash backs, you will actually earn twice or three times as much cash as you would if you were buying on a limited time offer.

This is particularly important when there are sale-heavy holidays like Black Friday – times like these tend to have triple cash back offers on clothes and other items like shoes.

Buying in bulk

Several arguments exist to show that online bulk buying makes plenty of sense. The major point is that purchasing several items from one retailer will guarantee you free shipping, or at least shipping at a lower cost. In addition to that, there are many retailers that will give their customers special savings or rewards when your cart reaches a specific value. This can help a lot when you shop for clothes from online boutiques as well.

Clear cookies before shopping

Did you know that your browser history has plenty of impact on your search results when you do online shopping? This effect is due to the application of dynamic pricing, where a retailer will use your search history to price their service or product to you when you go to shop on their website – something that occurs very frequently in airlines, although it can also happen on clothes stores.

If you want to avoid possible price hikes, it is always helpful to clear cookies and your browser history before you begin shopping on your favorite e-boutique, or any other online store. If you are paranoid and want the process to be safer, consider shopping in incognito mode (the browser’s private mode) so that your searches are not recorded at all.

Look for lower prices

Just because you saw the price of that pair of jeans is a great price and offers value for money, avoid assuming it is the best one out there. Once you know the name of the item you want, do a quick search on Google to make sure you are getting the best deal – who knows, you may even stumble on a much lower cost from another store, yet with the same price.

Choose an in-store pick up point

If you can, avoid spending an extra $10 on shipping an order that is only $15 or close to that – and as much as possible, avoid paying the shipping cost anyway. If free shipping is not an option for you, it is always best to go in-store and pick up your delivery instead. This will have two benefits: reducing your buying costs, and allows you to get your delivery faster.

Check secondhand sites (that are verified)

Even though you may love designer deals, sometimes you may want to go to an online thrift store instead. There are plenty of sites though, which is good news if you want more bargains. They will not dupe you either, because many take time to verify their stores and their products, so you will not be taken for a ride.

Shopping online does not need to be as difficult as it initially seems, as you can take these initiatives to improve your experiences – whether shopping in online boutiques or anywhere else.

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