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How to Establish A Perfect Gothic Lolita Fashion Look

Among the top street fashion trends in Japanese culture is lolita fashion. It has become a fashion in Japan that several subsets of the lolita community have formed. The lolita trend is gaining popularity in Japan and the West.

When lolita fashion is combined with goth culture, you create a very dark subculture of lolita- the black Lolita dress. You can use this guide to become gothic lolita, either for life or through cosplay.


Like traditional goths, Gothic lolitas prefer dark colors such as black, deep red, purple, and blue. However, cream and white can also be used as accent colors. Do gothic lolitas rarely wear bright colors or pastels?

Dressing up

Beginning with the first layer, work your way outwards. Most lolita dresses are bell-shaped, and Gothic lolitas are no exception since they draw heavily from Victorian and Edwardian clothing. To fill out your lolita dress or skirt, you will typically wear a petticoat or pannier.

Like Victorian-era women, gothic lolitas typically wear bloomers and their underwear to ensure modesty if their petticoats fly up in a gust of wind. If you desire, you can also use Gothic corsets to achieve a different shape by getting a smaller waist with them and enhancing the shape of your dress. In gothic lolita fashion, bustiers and corsets are worn infrequently. Once you pull on your top layers, the undergarment is not visible.

Pick the Right Top

You should wear a well-tailored blouse. Dark-colored blouses typically feature pintucks, embellished necklines and cuffs, and embroidered details. You will want your blouse to fit closely to your body. If you’re going for the gothic lolita look, steer clear of anything too baggy.

Choosing the Perfect Skirt

You will likely opt for a gothic skirt or a one-piece dress adorned with embellishments. Ruffles and bustles are common embellishments. Skirts should reach just above or below the knee and sit at the natural waist, not the hips. You’ll find that a high-waisted skirt will cover part of your blouse if you wear a jumper skirt instead of a one-piece dress. For a polished appearance, make sure the patterns on both pieces are cohesive enough.

Socks or Stockings

Fashion in Gothic Lolita is modest by nature. The tights or stockings you choose should be above the knee. You’ll need to wear a garter under your bloomers to hold your stockings up if you’re wearing stockings rather than tights. Dark opaque stockings are preferred for gothic lolitas rather than sheer tights.


Dark colors are appropriate for Gothic lolita footwear. The usual footwear choices are boots, mary janes, and strappy shoes. There are many shoe options with embellishments such as frills, plaid accents, or chains to match your footwear with the rest of your outfit.


Gothic lolita often includes silver jewelry with gemstones shaped like crosses or caskets. Headpieces, however, are the most common accessory. Small top hats, headbands, combs, clips, or even an Alice bow would be perfect for gothic lolita fashion. Gothic lolitas often carry parasols to protect themselves from the sun.


A natural look is typically used in gothic lolita makeup. They will often wear edgier smoky eyes to add drama to the look. However, it is not unusual to see more extreme examples of gothic makeup, from mild to wild.


Now you know that there are many parts to a Gothic Lolita look that can be changed as you please, but there are some basic rules. As the most special one of many styles in lolita, the charm of Gothic Lolita is unparalleled, and through my guide, I sincerely hope to help you understand Gothic Lolita culture 🙏.




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