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Dive Into The Blue: Five Styles Of Denim That Never Go Out

Do you know denim is a fabric that has a fascinating history of more than 140 years? It was introduced as jeans (a type of pants) and used by industrial workers in the mid-1800s. Denim is a strong fabric. Industrial workers used jeans because of their durability.

Take a look at your wardrobe. I bet there must be a pair of jeans! If not, then you might have a very exclusive fashion taste. In which case, you have missed out on a lot of fun and trends.

You will find various uses of denim in the fashion industry. And, when we talk about fashion, how dare we forget to mention women? Women tend to use their creativity more often than men when it comes to clothing. If you think they would spare denim, then you are grossly mistaken. It is a fashion statement if you give a personal touch to your denim wear. An extra cut on the jeans, a nice little touch of embroidery on your denim jacket, and a homemade patch on the jeans is a common sight these days. Women use denim in the form of pants more than jackets or uppers. Let’s check the most common trends in jeans for women today.

Skinny Jeans 


Skinny jeans do not seem to go out of fashion anytime soon. They are the most commonly used denim women pants today. They can easily fit all the seasons and have formal as well as informal use. Skinny jeans come in multiple variations and styles. Reformation Harper Skinny Jeans are used best with sneakers. They can also give a formal touch with the right choice of an upper. High-waisted Good Legs Skinny Jeans would give you a great look with any of an autumn upper. Have you worked hard in the gym to get the legs you’d always wanted? Would you not want to have the comfort of using your pants both in formal and informal settings? If you have answered yes to any of these questions, then a wide variety of skinny jeans deserve a place in your closet. Do not hesitate to wear your favorite pair of jeans this fall with a nice sweater and flaunt your legs.

  • High-Rise & Wide-Leg

Are you a frequent party-goer? Do you like to recreate 70’s fashion? If the answer to any of these questions is a yes, then High-Rise & Wide-Leg jeans are the right pick of the stack for you. This particular type of jeans also comes in many forms. Just for curiosity’s sake, whenever you go to a party next, take a look around, and you will find plenty of variations of this kind of jeans. If you exactly know what pair of shoes and the upper would go with your high-rise denim pants, then you can easily make a fashion statement. If skinny jeans have formal and informal uses, high-rise and wide-leg jeans portray a particular fashion statement. Take advice from somebody with a fine sense of fashion!

It is inappropriate to mention that high-rise denim pants give women more comfort than a pair of skinny jeans. When the pants are well-fitted, you have the convenience to move freely. If you plan to go with your friends on the floor, high-rise jeans would not mind your company at all.

  • Rip it Up 

Teenagers and folks who feel like teenagers are the bold ones to take up this style. Ripped jeans mostly come in the form of skinny jeans. It does not mean that the two are the same. Your parents will not roll their eyes if you wear skinny jeans with a nice top. However, if you wear ripped skinny jeans, you might see strong resistance from your cultured parents. As mentioned above, denim pants are a portrayal of disobedience and courage as well. Ripped jeans can easily take the blame for it. If you try this particular style, please be sure that you carry it well, the right upper, shoes, and, more importantly, the right attitude!

  • Bootcut and Flare Jeans

Wearing boots has not gone out of fashion yet. It will help if you have a bootcut and flare jeans with the right boots to give your femininity a classic and modern touch. These jeans fit lower on the hips and thighs and spread a few inches away after the knees. If having flare jeans in your denim drawer does not speak of your bold fashion sense, then I do not know what else does? Sorry for limiting your imagination! Flare jeans do not only go well with boots, but they go well with any pair of shoes. There are various ways in which you can pull off your bootcut denim pair with a trendy hairdo. Do not believe anyone who says that this style has no place in the current denim trends. You cannot change someone’s poor taste in fashion, but you can keep your standards updated.

  • Straight Leg Jeans

How often do you hear “old is gold”? Well, in this case, it’s true! Straight jeans somehow always make their way in the current trends! They keep showing up in different forms. Indeed, the “trunk effect” that comes with straight jeans is the trend of yesterday. To avoid this effect, you can go for a short ankle-length version.

Straight jeans are a perfect pair for heels. A nice fur coat on the top would make you ready to meet a friend uptown or grab a coffee with colleagues after work. The ideas of how to wear your pair of Straight Leg denim in different seasons and for various reasons abound. Please do not shy away from showing how you pull off your style because the trend is going nowhere in times to come.

Conclusion: Instead of choosing wisely, Carry Nicely!  

Like other wearables and fabrics, your pair of denim jeans might have more uses than you think. Whether it is an upcountry visit, a trip to the countryside, your best friend’s baby shower, or even a business meeting, your denim pants will sail smoothly. It is the attitude that helps you carry your denim pair well, not your wisdom of choosing supporting accessories. 

Denim fashion has always been bold and courageous. Depending on your creative genius, you can pull a denim pair in 99 different ways or maybe more. All you need to do is flaunt in every style you carry.

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