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Different Kinds of beads

Do you have a passion for unique beads? Well, extraordinary beads such as Matubo Rivoli crystal, Faceted Beads, and briolette beads, are incredibly beautiful and special. Millions of people across the globe find their wide array of beautifully blended colors quite fascinating and addictive. Most jewelry makers and beading enthusiasts find themselves attracted by different types of amazingly irresistible beads. As a result, their enthusiasm leads them to different beads online shops and other physical jewelry outlets in the hunt for unique beads.

The trendiest beads in modern world of jewelry include;

  1. Czech Glass beads

Czech glass beads have a reputation due to their exemplary craftsmanship, finishes, coatings, and tremendous bead-to-bead consistency. These unique beads are normally available in form of smooth round druks and fire-polished faceted shapes among others.Their amazing array of colors, patterns, and textures are incredibly more fascinating than anything you have ever imagined. Did you know that Czech glass beads are the best-pressed glass beads globally?

  1. Crystal beads

 Crystal beads such as Rivoli crystal, Chatons, Crystal Beads and Flatbacks are more popular with beads enthusiasts and jewelers due to their incredible shiny nature. In simpler words, these gems shine like diamonds making them perfect pieces of jewelry for many. Crystal beads can are usually pointed back, foiled and faceted to give them a special sparkling nature. The most common shapes of crystals are rondelles, rivolis, bicones, and rounds. Interestingly; their prices are determined by the quality of the used crystals.

  1. Lampwork beads

Lampwork beads can be opaque, intricate, plain colored, bumpy, spotted, or clear depending on how individuals like theirs. These handmade beads come in all types of patterns, designs and vibrant colors. It is common to see them in exquisite designs like animals or even flowers. If properly used, Lampwork beads can transform different things into intricately stunning final products.

  1. Wooden beads

Wooden Beads have been in existence for many centuries. Over the years, wooden beads have become more popular in our modern society thanks to their affordability, lightweight, and rustic natural nature. Today, you can find them in various vibrant colors. Their stunning beauty and versatility make them ideal for art, jewelry, and even decoration.

  1. Seed beads

Seed beads are excellent for embroidery. They come in various colors, designs, quality and shapes such as triangle, square, delica, hex and bugle beads among others. Seed beads can come from any part of the world including Africa, Asia, and Europe among others.

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