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9 Street Style Trends You’ll Wear

Every season, we can count on street style stars to inspire the way we style the latest trends. One look at their outfits, and we’re convinced that white boots are worth investing in and that a corset is wearable IRL. We spotted these pieces on trendsetters across major cities like NYC and Paris, and as Fashion Month comes to a close, we’re left with a shopping list longer than we ever anticipated. Since it’s difficult to keep track of every amazing street style outfit you see, we’ve managed to boil the looks down to nine repeated trends. These are the ones you will be wearing for the rest of the year. And if you’re eager to get ahead on Fall ’17

White Boots

Just as white sneakers are a staple in your closet, white boots are about to become a must have, too. You can wear them with fishnet tights and a leather miniskirt for a retro feel or style the shoes with mom jeans and a crop top. Either way, the white boot is cooler than it has ever been.

2 Wide-Leg Tuxedo Trousers

Every boss lady (in life or in fashion) needs a smart pair of tailored trousers. During Fashion Week, the streets of NYC were filled with the wide-leg variety coming in designs like stripes and materials like silk. 

3 Tassle Drop Earrings

Meet the ubiquitous earrings of the moment: the tassle drop. These colorful, dangling accessories brighten up every outfit you wear and, surprisingly, are not as heavy as they appear.

4 Bracelet Bags
5 The Extralong-Sleeved Top

Don’t worry about rolling up your sleeves anymore. The trend is to keep them extra long — to the point where you can’t see your hands. This look was all over the runway and, as this street style star proves, it’s wearable in IRL too.

6 A Glove Pump

The glove pump is two things: snug and fit. Though you’ve likely seen the style around before, with more color and style iterations, a gloved heel will be your go-to choice for footwear this Spring.

7 Shiny Leather Trench

Bored of your beige trench coat? Opt for a quality leather version with a bit of sheen like Candela Novembre’s. This outerwear not only looks super luxe but will feel like it too. If Parisian women are wearing the coat, we need one too.

8 A Bandana as a Bag Strap

Your favorite bandana has another practical use: a bag strap. Aimee Song tied a white one to the clasps of her Chloé Drew and carried her bag that way for a cool, fashionable touch. It’s sort of genius, and we’re happy to borrow the idea.

9 The Corset

Corsets have become more than just Kim Kardashian’s method for highlighting her waist. The corset was one of the trendiest street style pieces to rock at Fashion Week. With various lace-up and strappy styles, wear yours over a jacket or dress.